Sunday, January 08, 2006

Back to School

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Well, tomorrow's back to school for the monkey, here's a peek at the amount of homework they sent home for the week I took him out of school before the holiday...and he's only 5 >:( This weekend was nice, mom and dad were down and mom and I hit the bridal shows. It was fun and also a little depressing, so far it's been shopping at places I know I can afford, but 600+ for a decent video and 500+ for portraits (the nicest photographer was 1100-1600). I just want one nice picture to put up on my wall but they want to put them in unchild friendly albums and then you need to order decent sized pics at extra $$. I've been really stressed out of the whole maid of honour situation as well, the time and cash its taking to be a part of my MOH's wedding is becoming a real strain mentally and budgetwise, especially where my car is for city use only. It wouldn't be so bad if they weren't so close together. I really don't know what to do.

Work so far has been good, I really like the people that I've met so far and must look into this 'hockey' sport. Not really my thing besides watching a university game or the olympics (after years of playing basketball and watching all school funding go into hockey, and a whole other bunch of bureaucratic bs it was hard to not harbor just a little anomosity) but I think I'll have to look into it so I can converse abit more. It's hard to when you're on probation to feel out just when you can start being a little more social.

We investigated our sliding hill today and after a good 40 minutes it looks like we'll have to get a sledge hammer if we want to use it this year. Somehow a cinderblock that was in our woods is now imbedded in the ground in the sliding path of the big hill :(

I did finish some stitching tonight while we watched Sideways, it had it's funny moments but not the kind of funny I was needing tonight. And now presenting Santa's Garden...

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Shannon L. said...

Wow your Santa's Garden looks fantastic ! I love the colour of the fabric too :)

Weddings are $$ - whether you're the couple getting married or the MOH. Makes you wonder how people do it, doesn't it ?