Friday, October 06, 2006

Game On

Well...I think I'm game for the 50 pattern challenge. I was looking at my cyberstitchers gallery and last year I had about 25 completes and this year is 26 and counting (there's a few that haven't been posted). That's only two years of not buying any new patterns and I do have more than enough to do me until then.

Last night turned out much busier than expected. I was delighted to see some parcels waiting for me when I got home....All Epicure!! I was in seventh heaven. So last night's spare minutes were spent sorting spices. I took a very nice walk over to Faith Ann's to get some fresh air and drop off her goodies and visit for a little bit. I love her lilac craft room :) The rest of the evening I sorted some more and took the recycling out to the curb. I can't believe how much we accumulated, especially considering I'd taken a load down to the common bins in between pickups (we only have ours once a month). I did get a little stiching in but spent a little time unwinding with Matt in front of the PC.

Well...this weekend thanks to the 'halloween enablers' I'll be working on the 'pumpkin head' freebie over on the Dragon Dreams site, how could I resist ;) Thankfully I have all the materials so it'll be a cheap project ;)

This weekend's goals:
-Stitch 'Pumpkin Head'
-Finish reading Crewel Yule
-scrub floors
-Get a little more stitching in
-Get rid of this #$%^@ cold!! ;)

We're hosting the annual turkey dinner again this year, Alex is very excited that he'll have all of his grandparents present. Which reminds me that I need to pick up some placemats...

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Faith Ann said...

50?! Wow!! Good luck... I'll cheer you on!!

If I were to attempt that, it would be about 6 or 7 years before I could buy a new chart and there's no way I could last that long LOL.

Enjoy all your company this weekend!

Barb said...

Welcome aboard the 50 challenge! Remember if you see something you want to make for someone like Alex even you can buy it and it won't count. I did that today. Hope you get over your cold. I've had this bug for 2 weeks now so I know what you mean.