Friday, October 20, 2006

Wreaths For Sale

For anyone in the area who puts a Christmas Wreath up, Alex's School is selling the following as their annual school fundraiser (and they're gorgeous, you can ask anyone who ordered them last year at these great prices)
-Traditional Wreath 12$
-Classical Wreath 10$
-Swags 8$
Pictures to follow. Delivery Date December 2, last day for orders November 3rd.

Well, last night wasn't much of a stitchy night. Matt and I had a 'date' to do some computing together so the time leading up until Alex's bedtime was pretty busy. I did get some stitching in over the noon hour though which did the trick.

Tonight should be quiet. Alex wants to watch a movie together with popcorn, supper's easy (tacos) so I should get some stitching in ;) Saturday has the usual crazy combo of gym and swim followed by groceries, although this Saturday we're adding in a delivery to my brother's house of some goodies my parents dropped off last week. Thankfully there are no birthday parties this weekend. I'm hoping to get some Christmas presents wrapped tonight so I can take the remaining boxes down to recycling while we're at gym and swim.

Sunday should be quiet besides Body Jam and Body Pump, maybe I'll get around to cleaning out one of the cupboards and doing a little more stitching ;)


Faith Ann said...

I'll get DH to give you some money for my order...I want the Traditional and two swags again.

They were gorgeous last year... and much cheaper prices than I've seen elsewhere!!

Shannon L. said...

So Ontario isn't quite considered "local" I take it ? *sigh*

Wrapping Christmas gifts. You know, you could really throw a gal for a loop there. For a second I had that "OMG IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS" panicky feeling LOL

Anonymous said...

Wrapping Christmas presents? OMG is it really that close? Those wreaths sound lovely. Pity I don't live in the same country else I'd have one too.