Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Girlie Night!

Hooray, last night was a stitchy night, it was a bit crazy leading up to it but definitely appreciated in the end ;) My goals for pre-stitchiness were clean out the freezer as the moose meat arrives tonight, get supper ready, clean up the remaining remnants of turkey day and shower. There's nothing like arriving home to the dishwasher not unloaded and just about being ready to hop in the shower when someone calls to make sure we're home to drop off something DH had to take to work with him this morning, he really needs to be a courrier business so we can right off some things!! Anyway, I did manage to get everything done in time for company ;) It was neat seeing Eleni and Angela's projects and getting caught up, although my meds were making me a little loopy towards the end of the night. Losing an hours sleep the night before didn't help but my train of thought was pretty derailed. :(

So, in my accomplishments last night I finished the cross stitching of this year's Dragon Dream ornament, Santa's Unexpected Gift and moved back to the other project. The deep freeze had alot of the frost chipped away and anything freezer burnt or unrecognizable was tossed so there's plenty of room for moose meat. I was happy to find some things though that must have fallen recently, like a bag of chicken nuggets and a package of yogurt, woo hoo, less groceries to buy in the future. I also shouldn't have to buy juice until about 2007! Cleaning the deep freeze is depressing, especially when there's waste. Definitely motivation to keep better inventory though!

Tonight will be another juggling act with our winter meat arriving and beavers. Speaking of Beavers does anyone want to trade places Saturday?? Beaver's has 'apple day' Saturday 8-12 but Alex has Gym and swim so he'll have to leave early...then after picking up some quick groceries I have to get him ready for a birthday party at 2, ughhh... I know I complained last year about him having no social life but now it's pretty much a new invitation every week. Thankfully the one that arrived yesterday was at the same time as another party, unfortunate for the sweet little girl celebrating her's but an invitation to a 'boy' party for someone his own age is what we've been hoping for. The next party is another logistical nightmare as I believe it's on the same day as our neighborhood watch halloween party, they probably are back to back but the time hasn't been announced for the halloween party. Oye!


Faith Ann said...

Nope... I'm not trading Saturdays with you... sounds very chaotic!!

Shannon L. said...

Seriously, can I have some of that energy of yours ? You defrosted a freezer and had a stitchy night ? And you're being Supermom on Saturday ? And still awake enough to write a blog entry or go to work ? I am sooo impressed.