Monday, October 23, 2006

An A-MAZE-ing Weekend

Well, the weekend sure flew by quickly! Did I make as much stitching progress as I intended, heck no!

Saturday started off as usual, load kid in van, drive to gym and swim (and yes Faith Ann, I'm exactly with you on the sibling situation). I was waiting in the change room for Alex when the instructor came in, apparently he'd slipped and bumped his head and was playing it up for all it was worth. I appreciate their concern but when you have children yourself you do run down the checklist for signs of more than just a bump fairly quickly and know when they're playing up how mad/hurt they are. I'm the mother of a future Oscar nominee. An accident report later we headed to my brother's apartment to drop off some goodies. Alex wanted to move in so he could play with the cat. This went as far as informing me I could pick him up on the way back from groceries, needless to say I left with a pouty kid. The Coop was insane++ Apparently it was a sale week, I really need to watch out for those and move my grocery day when all of the out of townies aren't there! On the way out I noticed a flyer looking for part time help for the week of their massive annual sale next month. Am I crazy for even considering picking up a shift or two? I mean I do alot of the school all year round, it would be nice if some of my extra time gave me money and it's only a one week commitment and that's not guarenteeing shifts every evening. Having a little extra cash to put studs on the future winter tire purchase would be nice. Matt's gormet meal was a trip to the Esso for chicken, but at least we got a family movie to watch. We were pleasantly surprised with Zanthura, it wasn't a cheap Jumanji rip off, actually I liked it better. Alex LOVED it, the aliens scared him the first night but he was laughing the second time. The movie sealed off any notion of being cremated as yet another 'grandma's urn' was decimated ;)

Sunday Matt got up at a normal time so we watched Heroes together to get caught up. I LOVE the show but it's not a good stitchy show at all, and won't be until the Japanese character learns some more english so I don't have to read the subtitles ;) I made the boys a quick meal of nachos and left over tacos (guess who had the tacos) and headed to Body Jam/Body Pump. Needless to say I was pretty tired when I got home and in desperate need of a shower. After that refreshment though I was all set to go to the halloween maze and Green Village and happy to be getting rid of some 'oops' pickups that have been cluttering my cupboards for the food bank :) We tried a new dish for supper, Mexican Potato Casserole from, which Matt really enjoyed. I did too but would have liked some help with the cutting. After Alex was in bed I ended up 'raiding' with Matt's guild which was actually exciting, especially where they finally completed an instance they've been trying all week. I used to laugh at gamer's but my, they put alot of thought into the tactics behind these things ;)

Today's a quiet day on the schedule, I'll be stitching away with Doctor Who and Justice tonight if all goes as planned ;)

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Faith Ann said...

I would have loved to have gone to the maze this year... ah well... it was DH's last golf round of the season (WOO HOO!).

I was wondering if Zanthura was worth renting.