Thursday, October 19, 2006

Oh Deer!

Well, there have been traces of them for years, knocking over part of our fence, eating my hostas >:( but today was the first day I saw a deer on my street! Today's been one of the only fog free rain free days we've had in a while so seeing a 'cloud' caught my attention, sure enough it was a doe just standing in the bushes. I waited until it decided it was going to do, they aren't exactly the most intelligent creatures on earth. Why on earth they continue to come in our area I do not know. Our section of the subdivisions have been established for quite some time now. Anyway because she took her good old sweet time deciding where she was going to go Alex got to have a really good look at her and was pretty excited. He wanted to go home and call his pappy so they could go 'hunting', good grief. I guess it's time to have him watch Bambi, Brother Bear and The Fox and The Hound again ;)

Last night we arrived home and I had to get Alex's badges stuck on his beaver uniform. Thank goodness for heavy duty Therma Bond. I'll probably sew around them at some point but I just haven't felt up to it lately. I've discovered that it's a good idea when you're dropping your child off and your husband is picking them up to put a full inventory of what they're wearing, eventhough I did the raincoat was left behind but they went back for it ;) The boys went to check out IPod Shuffle stocks but they haven't been shipped yet. They did find a nice logitech headset for me for playing WoW though, it even has girlie colour "clips".

Stitching night was really fun. We had a paper embroidery class which was fun. It was also really neat to see Faith Ann's Blessings of Christmas afghan in person :) I didn't get any cross stitching done last night but it was really fun none the less. :)

Tonight should be relatively quiet, no extracurricular activities, just homework, a little stitching and a little computer :) I should really drop by the gym for a run on my way home as well (and finish another chapter or two of Embroidered Truths). Oh the weekend is getting soom much closer ;)


Shannon L. said...

I love seeing deer this time of year. So pretty with the changing leaves. :)

Faith Ann said...

OH! I want to see a deer!!

Trevor saw one at the end of our driveway a couple of weeks ago and I've never seen one in our area before.

The class was so much fun! I just bought a couple of spools of metallic threads at Fabricville and they're 2.25 a skein. I want to do a bronze pattern on a navy cardstock.

Pumpkin said...

Want to trade your deer for our skunk? ;o)

vee said...

Hi! I came across your blog as I was searching for cross-stitch related blogs from people who are also in NB! Glad to see that there are lots of addicts out there like me.