Monday, October 16, 2006

Three Day Weekend!!

One has to love long weekends ;) I had a flex day that I'd planned on using the day after thanksgiving if mom and dad were able to stay down but used it on Friday instead and it was heavenly. I took Vanessa in for an oil and filter change after dropping Alex off for school and got right in so Matt came over for nothing, besides a trip to Tim Horton's while we waited. When I got home I hopped back in my jammies and watched Star Wars and Eureka and did some serious stitching reclined on the couch, sweet! At about 3 I cleaned up again and headed out to do some Christmas shopping. Well if Cathey thought she might come over Christmas morning to see Alex's IDog, I know she'll definitely be over with his final purchases, the two Star Wars Lego Wars games for the Xbox ;) Of course since I found them I found the one place I didn't think to price check them against has them 5$ cheaper each so I've gotta go back to get the guarentee. I also picked up a Cars version of Uno for his sock, and was tickled pink to find a Ninja Turtles Mega Blocks set on clearance. I had 'lego set' on his list but he's kind of at the age where he's inbetween lego phases so a 'theme' set with a mix of sizes was in order and he relates more to the NT's than the Harry Potter sets they had that were actual lego. What was even better was I'd cashed out my Visa points to pay for my half of the santa list ;) Now I just need to pick up stocking stuffers for him and Cars when it comes out on video and we're all set ;) I also picked up a little something for Matt in my travels. After that I picked up the groceries and Alex and headed home for a nice relaxing evening. Matt was transferring my level 60 Warcraft character to a different server (which had a backlog) so even the computer wasn't able to tear me away from stitching ;)

Saturday was busy. Thankfully we didn't have to go grocery shopping after swimming though ;) I started the new Patricia Ann ornament out of this years JCS as my big project was too busy for the ups and downs of gym and swim. Alex had a blast at the birthday party at Kingswood, I hung around for about 15 minutes and then went home to watch Kung Fu Hustle on the free preview the movie channel was having this weekend. Matt and I enjoyed it, although I guess it wouldn't be for everyone ;) I had a bit of a panic when I went to pick up Alex. All of the kids were in the birthday room except Alex, I was so worried. I didn't know that with their treat bags they had coins to play the games there so he'd snuck off to go check them out. We ended up staying another 45 minutes to use up his coins. :) Matt picked up some pizza and we watched another movie while Alex played dressup with the halloween costumes mom brought up on the holiday, then we all cuddled (stitched) on the couch and watched Ninja Turtles 2 (Alex inherited all of his uncles movies on the holiday too where it wouldn't be cost effective to take them over to Switzerland).

Sunday ended up being busy so I appreciated my lazy friday even more ;) After putting a load in the laundry, a moose roast in the slow cooker and sweeping I headed out for Body Jam and Body Pump (thankfully the boys raked while I was out). I was completely spent when I got home, so much that I passed out on the bed even though the sheets were in the wash. Alex ate his moose without realizing it wasn't beef, yippee!! I had a little bit but haven't had much of an appetite lately, which makes up for my lack of gym time last week ;) I also laced two pieces, my SB Witches Moon as the frame is in and Katie's Eggs, stitched by Cathey, which is now proudly displayed beside my china cabinet. I've felt bad about not getting it up sooner. First there was the spring flood which had the basement in chaos, then the wedding, then hunting for the perfect frame, then misplacing my glazier setter, etc... It looks so nice were it is now though :)

Today I'm hoping will be low key, supper's quick and easy to make and my end of the laundry is done. So here's hoping I'll be stitching away to Dr Who and Heroes tonight ;)


Faith Ann said...

Oooh... a Friday morning of stitching in your jammies... heavenly.

At least your Saturday wasn't *as* busy as you thought it would be... but it still sounds pretty full! Here's hoping to a speedy week so we can enjoy the next weekend soon :)

Pumpkin said...

WHOOHOO! Yes, I will be there Christmas morning for sure ;o) I can't wait to see Katie's Eggs all framed up! I never realized it wasn't framed so don't feel bad :o)

Shannon L. said...

Your Friday sounded heavenly ! Congrats on framing some things. That always feels great.