Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Avoiding the Itch

Ack... There is nothing more icky than hearing one of the kids you child knows has head lice. Just the thought of it makes me want to scratch ALL over. I mean the chances of contracting it yourself is just as great sitting in a nice high back cushioned chair in a restaurant or theatre but still, ick! We went into defensive mode and picked up a bath with menthol and tea tree oil shampoo just in case. All of the remaining children at the daycare have been screened and it vacuumed but still...those incubation periods are scary. Although if you have a cold my house was the place to be last night as that was all you could smell!! While Alex was soaking in the tub I bagged his stuffed animals just in case, I think this'll be a good opportunity to seperate out some of the baby stuffed animals and put them down in the playroom, it's amazing how much bigger his room looked without the whole zoo in there!

That whole garfuffle made last night very busy, and we also made our phone call to my brother before he flies to Bolivia today until March/April. After Alex was in bed I had lunches to make, laundry to do and then plunked my butt on the couch, reclined and stitched to Doctor Who and Justice. Doctor Who cracked me up last night towards the end. Matt moved his work at home day to today so I'm going to see about getting to Body Jam tonight as well as making a quick stop to pick up Over the Hedge and haggle over 5 dollars (thankfully the two stores are beside each other). Other than that it'll be stitching and catching up on some taped shows tonight for me ;)


Pumpkin said...

Yes, good old head lice :o( I can feel your anxiety and I'm scratching as I type, LOL!

bioskitz said...

It's the eggs "nits" that are the nasty things. The eggs build up gas until the pressure is too much, then egg bursts open and shoots the larvae out - a good distance too! So, you technically don't have to share clothes or anything to get it.

You could just be sitting in the movies and the larvae could shoot out from the person behind you and infect you ;)