Friday, May 26, 2006

Introducing the Official Mrs. Katie Côté :)

Well... if I could officially have my first name as that I'd be happy. I envy those little Katie's out there now that are officially Katie's and not a derevation of a long first name that they just don't associate themselves with. It was a good thing my wedding day was a happy occasion or people probably would have seen me done the 'mame' cringe everytime my full name was said ;)

Yay, my cake now has it's own website thanks to the provider Sarah's Sweet Delights.

Yesterday was my first day back to work, sigh honeymoon over :( I was pooped and went to lay down as soon as I got in the door. Not that work was overly stressful, it was all of the stuff that needed to be done during break time, pick up van from mechanic in the morning, coordinate van pick up for Matt at lunch (as he needed it to transport the lawn mower) then run to SNB to change my last name (sigh), then retrieve the cake knife from the hotel in the afternoon. There are days I complain about having to park downtown (with there being more cars than free governement non two hour spaces)...yesterday was NOT one of them. It's nice having stuff in walking distance, although having a Reitman's downstairs after losing alot of weight is a bit detrimental ;)

Last night after Alex polished up the last of the lemon marshmallow salad and some more ham, did some homework and had a bath, I finally got to do some stitching, hooray! Today's been fairly laid back, no gym at lunch :( However it's back to body pump tonight yay!! considering that I just bought a new dress 5+ sizes smaller than I did last year and could probably have fit into another size smaller if it had been available I'm feeling pretty darn good ;)

Not much on the weekend plan list. Mom and dad may/are coming down so we should be moving some furniture and maybe catch a movie (MI3, Davinci or Xmen,who knows!! we'll save Over the Hedge for Alex's birthday Friday). I ordered some of the yummy quiches from The Happy Baker next door to celebrate having a stress free weekend! Then it's all about stitching. Sunday marks the first day of our "Oh My Gosh I Can't Believe It's Still Not Finished" SAL, what do I have that qualifies?? The Wedding by L&L (which I'd like to do inconspicuously and surprise Matt some anniversary), Guardian Angel by Mirabilia and the adapted TW border I've been doing around my DD Elemental if I could finish that for Christmas for Alex's room that would rock. :)

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Faith Ann said...

Hope you enjoyed your quiche and got some stitching time in! What a gorgeous weekend.

and... I think I'd have a hard time calling you anything but Katie!