Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I Like to Move It Move It

So..what have I been up to??

Friday was body pump and I assisted/supervised Matt putting up the new clothesline.

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous here so we took out the seats in the van and borrowed a lawn mower while ours was in the shop and finally got the jungle mowed (not to Pro Green, no fertilizer this year please, 3/4-1 acre of grass is alot of mowing). Poor Cathey, she lent us her ladder so we could fix the eavestrough but I'd never seen her truck before so when they pulled in I thought it was another annoying contracter, I guess I gave the death glare (we get alot of them dropping crap off in our mailbox, soI thought they'd spotted me outside and were coming in to tell me to fix my roof or eavestrough or paint my front stairs...) Mom and dad arrived later in the afternoon so we started moving the china cabinet and table out of Gram's house. I find it really depressing going in there now that it's getting empty (not that it wasn't depressing before). Saturday night we had some quiches from the Happy Baker, some salads and a beer or two before rolling into bed.

Sunday I attempted to make a breakfast, I had bacon ready, pan fries and was just putting the eggs on when zap...no power. Dad and Alex had been at the store (which is the source of all gossip in the community) and said that a fire truck went by followed by an NBPower truck which shut ALL of the communities power down for one fire, grrr.... Yes, I do feel bad for whoever had the fire, but if they went passed the store without slowing down that fire was a ways away, NBPower should reassess their grid, especially considering the substantial development in the area in the last couple years. Boo on NBPower. After our potatoes and bacon we headed over to the house to pick up a couch for the play room and my brother's keyboard which we're storing (hopefully for just long enough for Alex to learn to like playing...but doesn't overstay it's welcome when we finish the laundry storage area ;)) Mom and dad treated us to lunch at Momma's Pub and then we moved the furniture into our abode. After supper I finally got to my SAL, my Mirabilia Guardian Angel is going to be soo pretty one of these Sunday/Mondays ;) I took a break and put the remainder of my garden in along with some mulch. When I went out to water it I noticed the bunnies were back across the road (one in Brenda's garden and the other waiting under her car) so I went back in the house for some moth balls...no all you can eat buffet at my house thank you! I did take a shower before stitching again. I wouldn't submit GA to the sweaty, sunscreen, bug spray, moth ball odor I was emitting ;)

Monday was a stitchy mail day, my Crescent Dreams arrived, although I was ticked as Seaside Kingdom and Under the Friendship Tree were not there. I got a 'discontinued' notice, grr...I'd have ordered them all from the same place (obviously other INS) had they had let me know! I picked up Alex's new bike as well and snuck that into the house. After that I was off to Eleni's to do a little more stitching on Guardian Angel. It was fun to have a girlie night. When I hopped into bed Matt was reading and said he wasn't going to for long, so I didn't go out to the kitchen and retrieve Monica Ferris' Unravelled Sleave...instead I started the SB Christmas needleroll kit that was conveniently on my bedside table ;) I guess I'm a stitcher's version of a 'sailor', I have a project in every port (of the house) :)


Faith Ann said...

That's too annoying they didn't bother to tell you they didn't have any of those patterns left!!

We were wondering what caused the power outage over the weekend... all of the clocks in the house were blinking when we got back on Sunday.

Shannon said...

LOL A project in every room - brilliant. I'm almost at that point. I have stitching magazines in every room.

Sounds like a productive weekend :)

Angela said...

I hear ya about NBPower - their grids really are terrible, and generally their response time is sloooow! Sorry it messed up your breakfast plans!