Thursday, May 11, 2006

9 Days to Go!

9 Days to go...where has the time gone. Arghhh... last night I was sooo ticked off when I got home. I'd just gotten through taking Alex to the doctor and picking up groceries to D-future-H working at home, the kitchen was a disaster (his job to unload/reload dishwasher), cooler from his bachelor party still in the dining area, suitcase still in the bedroom, beds unmade, two loads of laundry still to be folded and put away, so I grabbed a bottle of diet pepsi with lime that had appeared in the fridge, grabbed my Monica Ferris book and stormed off to bed. Alex had had a snack so I fully intended on waiting out the disaster before making supper. At 5:45 he came in and asked about supper (we usually don't eat until 6:30) and I replied loudly that I wasn't going in the kitchen until it was cleaned up...well that prompted some movement (and was actually quite a good bluff as I'd made supper the night before in case I'd had time to get to Newbody and all it needed to have done was to heat it).

After a couple rounds of Candyland Alex headed to bed and I computed for a bit until Lost came on. While that was on I snuck into the kitchen and started making squares for the rehearsal and open house events next weekend, one batch of worth hoarding chocolate bars (JCS '04) down :), Matt eventually folded the clothes, and put one load of dishes away, so we'll temporarily ignore the cooler in my dining room and the suitcase on my floor! Plus Matt did serve as my therapist for a good half hour after Alex went to bed (obviously the topic of discussion WASN'T about his lack of cleaning ;))

In stitchy news my The Most Patterns looks like it's been sensored, all of the wording is stitched in with exception of 'dies'. Thanks to getting the groceries done last night I should be able to remedy this at lunch ;)

The last couple of days have just been crazy, Tuesday I had body pump (arghh there was a new cert getting some of her hours in and the chest track was royally screwed up, good thing I LOVE the song and know it by heart and just did my own thing), then rushed up to Zellers to get the bike Alex picked out for his birthday as it was the last one...only to get it to the cash and see that the paint was scraped...well more like keyed! Considering he just fits on this and it should last around 3 years I didn't take it and wasn't going to at full price so I left it there (the cashier was treating me like the biggest snot in the planet but if I wanted scraped for Al's birthday I'd have gone to a yardsale).

Yay, I just checked in with my reading goals and here's where I stand:
  • Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince *read*
  • The Davinci Code *read*
  • Sue Grafton's "I" is for Innocent
  • Monica Ferris' Framed in Lace *exceeded, Stitch In Time is also read*

Tonight I meet with the organist and make the final arrangements with the photographer, after that I'm hoping to put together some stuffed taco shells and the filling for the tortiere for the rehearsal night...then it's all about stitching :)


Faith Ann said...

Hmmmm, sounds like you have quite a lot of prep for the rehearsal dinner after all!

There's no way I would buy a bike that was already scraped either. If I'm buying something new, I want it to look NEW!

Angela said...

Reading about how much you accomplish each night makes me exhausted!

I love how you reacted to the mess in the kitchen - much more calmly than I would have I imagine ;)