Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Oh Romeo!

Oh my goodness, Alex got his first phone call from a girl last night. Good grief he's only 5!!! *I've had that darn Romeo song by Dolly Parton stuck in my head since yesterday too!* He also came home with a girl's number and hounded me for the phone when I was talking to mom...thankfully I stalled him until supper and after supper was bathtime, phew! And that was BEFORE I had a chance to hand out the invitations to his birthday party...which I've given up hosting and let the dear folks at McDonalds take over ;)

Yesterday saw some stitching progress, I worked on Mirabilia's Guardian Angel when I arrived at work (no flex time yet and I get here very early just to get parking), then I worked on The Most Patterns after I arrived back from my noon hour walk. Last night I plugged away at The Most Patterns for a little bit and stitched another tree on my SB St Nicholas Needleroll in bed. I'm finally getting back into some sort of groove.

Last night I also got the woodwork piece hung that Matt's brother had given us as a wedding gift and shifted some furniture downstairs to make some semi-permanent (or however you'd say for a year or so) room for the keyboard. I also unloaded (but didn't move to it's intended location) the papasan chair that Eleni gave us when they upgraded their living room ;) It'll rock in my craft room :) I was laying in it last night, it's just sooo comfy!

Tonight should be relatively quite. I need to bake Alex's birthday cake (unless I see something at the superstore at lunch) and Matt'll be away at ball if the weather holds off :) Definitely a good night for some stitching!!


Faith Ann said...

Oh that's too cute! But, I'd be trying to delay the phone calls from starting too LOL.

Ooooh... a papasan chair sounds perfect for your craft room! They are so incredibly comfortable.

Shannon L. said...

Wow ! He's starting young ! lol

McDonald's is the way to go at that age if you ask me ;)

A papasan chair is perfect for stitching in. Ahhh, I can just imagine :D

Black Cat Ryan said...

Hopefully you'll get more use out of that chair than we did. I'm sure you'll get lots of stitching done in it!

tkdchick said...

I'm glad you've managed to get back into the groove of stitching! I hope I can find my groove soon!

Laural said...

Ah I've missed blogs for so long! FIRSTLY - CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your family is beautiful, your cake is beautiful and you look stunning in your dress!

If you want my original copy of Seaside Kingdom you can have it for free. I am using a working copy and I only use the original to look at the photo and remind myself someday I will have something beautiful. If you want it just drop me an email and I'll pop it in the mail for you (