Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lightening Up

Yay, last night after getting supper on for the boys I headed over to the Avalon and sat down for a full set of foils, yay!! After I had Alex my hair went really dark, which I didn't mind, until he started giving me grey hair to go with it ;) Normally I only get some framing done but with the wedding and the up do I decided to get the full set so I have some pretty curls hanging down :) It was so nice to be pampered for almost two hours ;)

When I got home again after the hair and gassing up the van I plopped my tired butt on the couch and stitched while watching Lost....couldn't stitch too much in the last 5 minutes it was so interesting ;) Now I just have 2 bands to go, yay! It's looking like a gorgeous day outside so I might just be able to get some painting in when I get home on the deck, yay! Lunch hour is going to be spent stocking the fridge for the boys, yay!!

So, what else have I been up to? Monday night there was a stitch in at Angela's house, it's looking awesome++ She had her Chatelaine all done and it looks sooo nice. Eleni's Sharebear was looking sooo cute tooo. I'm amazed I found my way home considering I'm not as familiar with the area and it was pouring rain by the time I left, I did manage to avoid running over a frog that had hopped his way onto the road.

Tuesday involved registering Alex into the local soccer league and then heading to Body Pump, I'm so excited that I'll be able to start going on the weekends again!! I also snuck in a few stitches here and there too ;)
I've also had some awesome mail days, one of my SBB orders finally came in, as did the remaining beads to finish off my sweetheart tree ornament. Thanks for the comments on the pictures ;)

Now time for SBQ...Q :Do you or have you stitched with over-dyed threads? (Weeks Dye Works,The Gentle Art Sampler Threads, Six Strand Sweets, etc.) If so, what is your opinion concerning them? If not, why not?

I've stitched quite a bit with the overdyed threads. I've used pretty much all of the ones under the sun (weeks, gentle arts, six strand sweets, glissen gloss, needle necessities, crescent colours, olde willow, caron, you name it). I like them best when they're used for lettering or in a sampler. I like the end effect when stitching with them but I find the 'one x at a time' approach a bit annoying...and I'm a vertical stitcher so going horizontal takes a bit of getting used to. I do get a little annoyed in the JCS ornament issues when they feel the need to used several hard to find hand dyed threads for a simple ornament. I've had one WDW thread bleed before too which was annoying. My last little beef involves quality control, I've had times where my purchased thread looks more like the DMC than the beautiful variegated colour the model uses, plus on bigger pieces that worry about having matching dye lots is a whole other issue.

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