Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend Recap

Phew...where did the weekend go??

Friday the weather just couldn't decide what on earth it was going to do, it was relatively sunny but it hinted at rain all day. At 4:30 I was stuck trying to decide to go to Body Pump or to paint...I went with Body Pump and was pretty glad that I did when it started raining about 6:45. This weekend was Matt's bachelor party weekend up at his family's camp in Riley Brook so after cooking supper, getting the kid to bed and a load of laundry I made him a batch of jalapeno poppers.

Saturday Matt was up early to go so guess who else was? Alex and I headed to market to look at etched mugs for the groomsmen and on our way there spotted this 2 foot strip of wood with nails sticking up on the overpass...but had a car in the opposite lane and another on our tail so I did my best to avoid it...but ended up with a new tire as where it hit couldn't be plugged. Alex and I did a little shopping downtown while we waited for the tire to be repaired, we picked out our mother's day cards and spent alot of time at the bookstore where he finally decided on the book 'Baaa-chooo'. When we finally got home I painted the remainer of the deck, yay!!! I finished just in time to go flower shopping with mom, dad and Jazz. We then headed up to Scoop and Save and the dollar store for some last minute wedding supplies. After that we headed up to the house to enjoy the gorgeous day outside. For supper we headed to Boston Pizza and then up to walmart to pick up some Degu bedding for my brother. I managed to find a pretty Spiderwort plant for one of my gardens. We spent the remainder of the evening prepping the centerpieces.

Sunday mom and I headed out to look at some houses that are for sale out by my place and then we went to McDonald's for a farewell lunch. Alex and I sauntered over to Fabricville to pick up some floss for Wishful Stitching and then headed home. I'd just finished washing the van when Matt pulled in, not quite his normal colour ;) He did prep the lawn mower for me so I mowed for a couple hours, yay! By the time I was done mowing the bees left my garden so I could plant my Spiderwort. Running short on time I made some maple cranberry chicken, broccoli and rice, hopped in the shower and went to pick up the wedding dress which looks awesome now that it fits ;)

After such a busy weekend I thought that two hours of tv watching and stitching were in order...although I only got an hour of stitching in as matt went to bed early and some of my supplies for the new project were in there, sigh... Plus I couldn't find my purse which had me panicked (it was hiding in the dark in the bedroom).

This morning was another bright and beautiful morning so I threw some laundry in and put it out on the line...It's amazing how much you can accomplish in a weekend ;)


Heather said...

WOW what a week you've had. I bet you're getting excited about your impending wedding.

Angela said...

Wow - that's one busy weekend! Less than 2 weeks!

Shannon L. said...

Holy crow, I'm exhausted just reading that ! What a weekend !! :)

Faith Ann said...

Where did the weekend go? HA! I'll tell you where it went... to me... mine lasted about 10 days LOL.

Yours sounds *a lot* better :)