Friday, May 05, 2006

Feeling the Paint least there's a coat of paint on the steps, the landing is started but if I painted any longer it wouldn't have time to dry before night fall. They'll definitely need another coat but at least the steps are presentable for the wedding and the area that's left to do on the deck is straight painting (ie: around the rungs are done). I'll be soo glad when it's done!!

I started cracking the whip last night as well, it's DFH's chore to unload the dishwasher...although this might get done he usually leaves all of the tupperware and attachments for appliances all over my counter tops, he was strongly reminded where they were to go! Considering that I spent my day working full time, getting groceries, painting the deck, unloading the groceries, cooking supper and sweeping the floor that he was supposed to do the night before I don't feel too guilty about snippily pointing out that he should carry the tupperware downstairs and the bread maker basket to the appliance closet!

I did get some stitching in in the morning though ;) I can't wait to have Wishful Stitching done...once I get that and The Time I Spend Stitching framed and the wedding over with I may just have enough incentive to FINALLY paint the craft room. I was too pooped (and my stitching bag was in the van) to do anything last night. Matt and I discussed the rehearsal, my good lord after seeing all the work that Lisa had to do for hers he still thought going out for a full meal after was a good idea, good grief! I'd rather do something simple before hand as I don't want to be starving at 8, over eat and not be able to sleep! I also tried to talk to him about another little non him related thing just because I wanted a sounding board but I guess I'd used up my attentive minutes as about 2 minutes in I realized he wasn't listening, resisted the urge to bonk him with the mouse and went to bed.

So who else is excited that May sweeps is here?? I can't wait until our shows are over for the season so I can disconnect the cable and start saving for a PVR for the fall. I really HATE our cable provider so I'm all for going satellite. I don't watch alot of tv but there's one station that Matt insists on having if we keep cable and to get basic and this one station cablewise is 20 dollars more than basic cable! I've priced the satellite providers and we should save quite a bit, yippee! More stash money ;)

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