Sunday, May 21, 2006

Just Married

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The Côté's

Yay! I survived! There was a point where I didn't think I would but we'll rewind to Friday.

Friday I took the day off to do some running around, batteries slightly low due to another bought of insomnia. There was a last minute room change for a group that was supposed to be in our reception hall Friday so we were able to decorate and I was able to pick up some last minute things. I headed back to the house for a quick nap before Lisa was set to arrive, although I couldn't sleep. I had enough time to set out the sweets, some chips, some pasta salad, brocoli salad, and the lemon/marshmallow salad, the seafood casserole, tortiere, chicken pot pie, taco stuffed pasta shells and lasagnas, I think everyone liked it. Then we motored on over to the rehearsal. It was kind of surreal knowing ths was actually for MY wedding, it was weird enough when it was Lisa's wedding but really different for mine! We then headed over to the James Joyce for a round of drinks and got thoroughly soaked. It was a downpour when my matron of honour drug me home at midnight....things were NOT looking good.

I awoke at 4 to what looked like the beginning of a clear day, but due to the insomnia and excitement could NOT get back to sleep, then at 6 I started feeling really sick. I was sick up until mom brought me some natural gravol at the spa. The Spa trip for hair and makeup was awesome. Lisa, Eleni and Cathey were absolutely gorgeous!! We then grabbed some subway and headed over to get my brothers to take out the middle seat of the minivan so we could use it as a limo for the drive to the church, after picking up a few things at the house we arrived at the hotel to get ready. What a panic when we found out Matt was the room!! Due to some miscommunication he was getting ready there but lisa scared him out :) She must have been pretty good as they left so quick her husband left his pants behind. Getting ready was a snap, although I couldn't wear my strapless bra (which is a blessing) as I've since lost some inches off my chest and I must have taken off some weight this week as my dress was no where near a snug as when I picked it up.

We arrived at the chuch with beautiful sunny weather, a great surprise after 4 days straight of rain, and rain predicted through Tuesday. I'm so glad the weather man was wrong. The service went relatively smoothly and I managed to keep it together going up the aisle, which I didn't think I would be able to do. It was so wonderful to have so many of our close friends and family there to celebrate our day!! After the service we took off for pictures which was a bit of a challenge due to the wind. We moved over to a building close to our original outdoor spot and took what should be some beautiful pictures. On the drive there our best man went to open a bottle of champagne and was hoping to shoot the cork out the sunroof but it had other plans and popped out sooner, and ricocheted off the sun visor. I think poor Lisa is deaf!!

We arrived at the reception relatively on time and had a lovely dinner and dance. Alex was a one man show for the first hour of the dance!! We have some great video of his dance moves. The party extended way passed midnight and there was an 'after hours bar', lol. We retired before one to our honeymoon suite which was awesome, fireplace, hottub, champagne, flowers, you name it. I'll include some pictures later ;)

Festivities wrapped up today with an open house (there's an ongoing EATING theme here) and now I can finally relax and stitch with desperate housewives ;)


Faith Ann said...

What a gorgeous picture of the 3 of you!!

It was a beautiful day... you were so lucky. I hope you get lots of rest over the next few days... you deserve it! You must have enough leftovers to skip cooking this week :)

Karoline said...

Gorgeous photo Katie.

Congratulations and all best wishes for the future.

cathymk said...

A perfect day!
Congratulations to you both and best wishes for a wonderful future together.

Angela said...

What a beautiful picture! Your wedding was absolutely beautiful - and beautiful weather to go with it - yay!

Rowyn said...

Huge congratulations! Beautiful photo.

Shannon said...

What a beautiful family ! Congratulations. You looked absolutely gorgeous !! :D