Monday, February 06, 2006

What a Day

Today started off on a sad note, reading that fellow blogger Laura passed away suddenly over the weekend. I'd read her blog on and off and was amazed by her work (her Titania is what inspired me to do mine on wedgewood as well). From her pictures and stories she seemed like a very vibrant person even if I hadn't met her personally (I don't get the opportunity to actually meet too many bloggers living off on the Canadian East coast). Life definitely is too short.

Although amoungst the sad news there was actually some good news filtering out of our house, a) Alex's Christmas concert clothes finally made their way home (brand new size 6 Children's Place Khaki's and polo oxford shirt, had just cut the tags off and sent as back up clothes for that concert)
b) Booked a DJ for the wedding
c) Stitching Happy Dance on Heart In Hand's Christmas Medley


Faith Ann said...

Christmas Medley looks fantastic!!

Shannon L. said...

Christmas Medley is very festive ! Congrats :) And I"m glad the clothes returned at last.