Saturday, February 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom

Well, its a day late but in light of all the running around that had to be done yesterday we'll be doing a little party tonight. I've felt and looked better but thanks for all the virtual hugs, prayers and e-mails or I'd probably look much worse. Yesterday was draining, I went to the Miramichi with dad to pick up clothes for mom and attempt to find her birthday gifts. I also spent most of the day trying to figure out how to tell my son his great grandmother to whom he was very close had passed away. Thankfully we were late getting back and it was to close to bedtime to tell him. Yesterday was also his hundredth day of school and I didn't want to dampen his celebrations, the news wasn't going to magically change unfortunately. Thankfully the autopsy that the hospital insisted upon was brief and not drag this out any further...morons, they couldn't admit her all the times she'd been in since christmas but now that she's passed away NOW they're interested in conclusive answer.

Last night mom informed me that they were doing a collage (sigh...most of the pics are on the miramichi) and when I went through the scrapbook I found my Grammie's Crab Apple Jelly day spread and started crying. It's also how I managed to tell Alex this morning without being 'cold' or distraught...eventhough no one intends on coming off that way as most people are in shock, I just wanted to give him a really happy day to look back on when I told him, instead of my mascara streaked face. Much better than how I found out, although that's primarily my own efficient self's fault. Mom e-mailed me to tell me she had headed for te hospital as there had been a call saying she'd taken a turn for the worse and that she'd call if there was a change. I was in training at a different building so instead of going over and checking my messages I walked to the government lot, picked up the car and headed up. I ran in to the minister coming off the elevator and he looked grave so I thought we'd gotten the bad diagonosis that I was expecting...when I walked into the room mom and my uncle were off in the corner crying and gram was asleep, I thought they just didn't want to wake her. It was only after walking back there that I found out she'd passed away :(

Today's a sort of day of rest. I need to find some clothes and we're doing a big family dinner with mom's brothers and their families (topped off with a Bailey cake ;)) Then it's the long haul, two wakes tomorrow, 2-4, 7-9 with an additional hour for family at 1 and the funeral Monday at 2. I'm off work until Friday and probably actually need it that way. Haven't stitched too much but that's to be expected.

Thanks again for all of your prayers


Shannon L. said...

Katie, I'm sending hugs your way, and you will be in my thoughts this week. What a rough few days. Remember to take care of yourself.

Faith Ann said...

You'll need the week, it's a draining process that's for sure.

Try to concentrate on having a nice birthday dinner for your mom tonight... she deserves some smiles :)