Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Speaking of Power...

We got estimated...grr...For those not in on NB's latest WTF news story, NB Power doesn't have enough 'manpower' to check meters so they estimate them 4-8 times a year (but have enough to pay their employees a salary way off the regular scale for this area). Good grief. In the last month we've had our heat on even less, in fact turned off completely some days, and our power bill was higher than it was last year (100+ higher than last month) when it was -20 every day. They're going to get a NICE phone call today...I'll even drive their lazy butts out to the house so that they can properly read my meter, idiots. What ticks me off the most is that they don't even offer to compensate the overpayment with interest and charge interest if you don't pay that full amount, it seems highly unethical to me.

Yesterday was quiet otherwise, I didn't get a single stitch in :( I did sort the threads for a Mill Hill kit and that was it. We had a new dish from healthy family, curried salmon and egg noodle bake with peas which we really liked. I won't eat peas as a side dish so I measured out half the amount and mixed it in with the casserole, very good. After Alex got to bed and I tidied up some stuff I took a shower, logged online for a little bit and got ticked after I read my power bill, called mom to see how Gram was doing and headed to bed after a little cooking reading ;)

Today should be pretty quiet, I remembered my lunch so I should be able to get some stitching in at lunch instead of waisting time picking lunch up. After work I'll be getting groceries and then having a pizza/leftovers night before we head to the Math night at Alex's school. Stitching to ensue ;)


Faith Ann said...

I *hate* the estimated power bills! Our bill was outrageous last month and I'm sure it must have been estimated (although I didn't check, I just gasped when my husband read the amount).

We liked the curried salmon noodle bake too... even DS!!!

Is your grandmother not feeling well?

Shannon L. said...

Second recommendation for the curried salmon noodle bake - you just know it's going to be added to my list one week soon !

Estimated power bills are just ridiculous. I can't believe it wouldn't be cheaper to hire contract workers - heck, even at just above min wage - to check metres. What - there's no one in need of a job ? *rolling my eyes*

ugh I hate bills.

Hope your grandmother is okay ?