Thursday, February 23, 2006

Twenty Three!

Yay! I'm now officially down 23 lbs! I'd been down 25 earlier in the month but that corresponded with being sick and having my gram just pass away so I knew it wasn't one of those lbs that was going to stay off. Although to make myself feel even better that number is more like 28 which was me at my highest. ;) Just 12 more to go until this goal. My BMI is back in the healthy range so I expect to really have to work on this last 12.

Last night I didn't get a single stitch in, although I did get quite a bit in over breaks during the day. Newbody was awesome, and there's been a new release so it wasn't boring (which after weeks++ of doing the same routine was getting a bit monotonous). I logged into MSN just as Smallville was coming on and there was mom and Eleni so I set the VCR to tape ;) I had fun watching mom's new webcam, even with it's hiccups in sound and inverted horizontal display. I guess we won't be going home this weekend, our slots in the car have been usurped by the dog ;)/:( Oh well, I tried...I can't wait until the day I have a 'highway worthy' automatic vehicle again.

For supper last night we had Salmon in a white wine shrimp sauce out of the weight watchers cook book with some spinach, yum! We kind of od'ed on it last year until I pulled my other healthy cookbooks back out, the night before we had the Teriyaki Chicken Toss in Spaghettini out of Life's on Fires which was amazing, I even sub'd in some low sodium soya sauce and some whole wheat noodles, yum! Tonight's the curried chicken again, I can't get enough of it, and its quick to prepare on grocery night. Grocery night shouldn't be too bad, I still have stuff in the freezer from the last time I was actually shopping but didn't end up cooking that entire week due to the funeral and other family related activities. Yay!!


Shannon L. said...

Congratulations !!! :) The dinners sound scrumptious too. *drool*

Faith Ann said...

Yay Katie!!! I might add, for those who haven't seen Katie in person, that she looks *amazing*! Very inspiring :)

We *love* the teriyaki chicken toss with spaghettini... with the whole wheat noodles. At first, I wasn't sure if I'd like the whole wheat noodles, but we really enjoy them.

I agree...the curried chicken is awesome too. I think it's on next week's menu for us.

tkdchick said...

Katie congrats on your weight loss! I wish I could stick with my plan!