Sunday, February 05, 2006

Another Finish

Mill Hill's Ginger Cookie
Yay, another little finish. Nothing to dance about though really, she's been sitting downstairs mostly finished with the exception of the red and green in her dress for a year now. I LOVE Mill Hill kits but have a bad habit of grabbing one that requires stitching for a car trip and then forgetting about beading them (can't quite bead in the car), now I have a goal to finish up one a month (the mitten was first, then ginger, and I think there's at least 4 more). It seemed like a good weekend to do so, I forgot my chart for DD's Summer's Magic at work, d'uh!! Now to go attempt to finish Heart In Hand's Christmas Medley...Can I have a 2 finish day??

1 comment:

Faith Ann said...

I *love* Ginger Cookie!!!

It must have been a week for leaving things at work... guess where DH left Mr & Mrs Smith :(