Tuesday, February 21, 2006

PJ Day!

I envy DS this morning, he got to wear PJ's to school, it was quite a sight driving in and seeing the principal out in flannel pants and bathrobe holding a big stuffed frog (their mascot). Why can't we do that at work??

Last night I got some stitching in on ITAOAA, the blueish purple section is really coming along. I'll have to post a pic tonight. I got to stitch and get caught up on Battlestar Gallactica as well, good night in all. Although last night I had another wedding nightmare (showing up unprepared) so maybe I'll start on my unity candle wrap tonight! I have my side of the guest list done and I just need to dwindle Matt's down some, yay! After that the invitations can go out :) And one less worry off the plate!


Faith Ann said...

Ok, would you *really* want to see your coworkers in their jammies? LOL

I'm anxious to see how you're coming on your angel!

Shannon L. said...

hmmm PJ's at work... it would be an improvement over some of the outfits people wear. But I have to hope they wear flannel PJ's that cover everything. Tempting though :)

3 months ! ? Wow !

tkdchick said...

Working in a school has its advantages now and again ;-)