Monday, February 27, 2006

Carless Weekend

Sigh, the transmission is toast :( Now we're waiting on the assessment value of my gram's mini van to see if we'll buy that or something else, lovely. Sure Matt has a car, but I can't drive it...yet...

We had a quiet weekend, I spent most of the weekend doing some long overdue tidying. My craft room is back to normal!! The desk could still use some cleaning but the rest is all sorted and put away properly, even the fabrics are folded and in the baskets again. Mom is down this week driving my sorry butt to work (and DS to school) until a car is straightened out so we wanted the place to be in tip top shape ;)

I also finally finished Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Friday as well, not that it was a long or difficult read, it's finding the quiet time with an active 5 year old ;) I was so excited to start the Davinici Code, I'm even on track to finish it by the time the movie comes out, yay!!

In stitching news I finished the Klosters on the wedding unity candle wrap, I forgot the pattern at home so I won't get to work on it until tonight. I also heard that we're losing our Lewiscraft, not that it was the best place to shop but after losing our little semi servicable LNS (the better ones are in Moncton) it still hurt a little. Although the announcement came with the fueled gossip that we're finally getting a Michael's like Saint John and Moncton. Not that it's the best place for stitching stuff, but LC wasn't either, floss and least now the floss will be cheaper and the beads in stock.


Faith Ann said...

I hadn't heard the news about Lewiscraft! Not that it was great... but at least it was something. It's such a pain to have to order *everything*.

Hope you have a nice week with your mom in town!

Go buy some Cheerios! Some boxes have coupons for either free adult or children's tickets to movies (expire June 30 and it says on the outside of the box which kind of ticket is inside).

Shannon L. said...

If I had to choose between Lewiscraft and Michaels... most of the time I'd choose Michaels. At least the DMC is cheaper - usually. But I miss going to Lewiscrafts. And nothing beats a true LNS.

Sorry to hear about the car. That's a big ouch. Glad that your mom is in town :)

And enjoy the Da Vinci Code. I loved it. (must admit, Angels & Demons by Dan Brown was almost better though...). I'll be interested to see the movie :)