Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Welcome To The Family Circus

If life has to be one big juggling act, can I please leave the circus for smaller things?? ;) Last night by the time I left work I had soo many things thrown into an already chaotic attempt to achieve balance I couldn't think straight and skipped the gym. With school, activities, etc we aren't people that head to the mall every evening, in fact we're there maybe two times a month at the most and it's on weekends. So...throw in 'btw we're invited to a wedding party Saturday' and a phone call late Monday night from the MIL looking for software when DH has bumped up our departure date to Friday. Arghh!!! I already had beavers and groceries to juggle in there too. That was almost manageable, I could do that Wednesday but NO someone who shares in the driving Wednesday worked at home yesterday >:( Try as I might, it's still not possible to be at BOTH ends of the city at the same time. Then factor in the fact that DH won't pin down a return time nor will anyone divulge the travel plans for his parents I was pretty annoyed. I needed to know if I had to clean if they planned on staying over, etc. The prospect of having company two minutes after we return that are not my easy going parents just got the best of me. My MBTI didn't show that I was a strong J for nothing ;) Normally I'd have dug my heals in the ground about Sunday night but Easter Monday is DH's birthday (although the thought of taking two vehicles did cross my mind).

I really hope next year we can spend Easter at home, Alex is only going to believe in the big bunny for so long and I'd like to do our thing ONE year at our house at least. Unfortunately Easter sits on the other side of the scale from Christmas at my parents and after 30 years of spending Christmas with them I've gotten quite accustomed to it. I wonder if I can pay off my brothers to convince them to come to my place instead ;) Although maybe if the pace of Easter was slower I'd feel different. Christmas at mom and dad's is a big but intimate affair. Easter leaves us beat and over exposed. For the past several years there's been a party the day before with DH's huge family, this year the wedding party, but there have been baby showers, etc in the past. Alex is usually extremely wound up all evening as he's not used to this either and usually has high expectations of having his grandparents to himself so from the second we get home I'm on damage control. Wake up Sunday and it's the egg hunt...followed by breakfast, and a trip to church then kiss quiet time goodbye as it's prep for another party that'll end up going until 6-7. This year though I'm going to approach DH about getting some of that prep work done ahead of schedule when Alex is sleeping the night before and then pray it's sunny the next day so Alex and I can go play something outside.

Last night we did end up doing the shopping though. I picked up some Holey Soles for Alex from 'Le Bunny' to go with his book (trying to depart from the toys :)) but by the time we got home I was exhausted. I reclined in my chair, turned on the Ott Lite and stitched while House was on. I'm really hoping to finish the wedding piece by the end of the weekend! Next weekend is looking much more promising, our trip to Maine!! I can't wait. I've got two girlie weekends coming up and I'm really looking forward to them! I'm hoping to be at the point of bringing along Alex's stocking though for the first girlie weekend and maybe a mill hill kit for the car. I'd better get organized ;)


Angela said...

Sounds crazy! I hope your weekend is more relaxing than you're anticipating it being. If not ... hang in there and take a night off from everything next week :)

Faith Ann said...

Hopefully next weekend will more than make up for this one :)

I'd lay the groundwork early for spending Easter at home next year, so it doesn't come as a complete shock. You have every right to celebrate a holiday in your own home and people can travel to see you (if they choose).

Barbara said...

Just the THOUGHT of my inlaws appearing 2 minutes (or hours or days!) after we return from a vacation is enough to send me into shock! I'd have to hire a housekeeper to come in while we're gone. LOL! Hey, maybe that's an idea!

We're going away for Easter for the first time this year. I'm looking forward to it.

Pumpkin said...

As much as you may want to pay me, I wouldn't want your hectic life! It would kill me! Oh my :o( Having to be two places at once...still working on that ;o)

I can't wait until next weekend! We'll be so busy shopping but in a sense, it will still be relaxing :o)