Friday, April 27, 2007

Five Hundred Millilitres

Woot! The stocks of Faith Ann's craft room have saved me the agonizing wait for my threads to come in :) Sure, this is probably the only project I'll ever work on that requires the Perle cottons that aren't in the 'magical selection' that non stitching shops carry and it's not just one, it's 3. I figured if I was going to have to order supplies I'd pick up a couple buttons for some upcoming projects. Well, I panicked when one store claimed that Mill Hill was discontinuing carrying the Debbie Mumm buttons! I've had the fabric for 4 years for SB's Joyful Christmas and finally tracked down the thread for the lettering last year and it would be a sin not to be able to get the buttons. Thankfully when I called Because You Count they had them instock with only one substitution but the difference is hardly noticeable (and it's also a Debbie Mumm). Hooray! Depending on the speed/activities of the weekend I should be able to finish Alex's stocking now!

The 'Bring a Friend' night to Beaver's went well. I didn't realize that it wasn't at the church and it involved hiking. If it was just Alex I might have contemplated accepting the amount of supervision but his little friend is extremely allergic to peanuts so thank goodness I had my old sneakers in the trunk or trudging through the woods would not have been fun in my crocs! 20+ 5-7 year olds for 1.5 hours, well I was exhausted Wednesday night!

Thursday was quiet. Alex and I planted some additional seeds and bulbs to start inside. He's really quite taken with gardenning. One of these days I expect to find him outside digging up my back yard so he can 'live off the land' with a market booth in the front. He's very entrepreneurial. I simple trip to the fish and chips shop has him thinking he's going to go get a fishing license and sell fish to them ;)

I also learned yesterday that a 6 year old's bladder can hold 500ml! What a mommy moment that was! I arrived to pick him up and he went to take off for the bathroom, but it was occupied. I was thinking that I could make it to Tim Horton's but he was just dancing. Thankfully I a)went to the gym and brought bottled water and b) have tinted windows in the van. Imagine my shock as the bottle was filled! There's one for the books.

I planned on doing a walk yesterday at lunch but when I got across the pedway my trail was completely flooded! The water was stil rising and moving much too fast for me to skirt around it so I headed back to my desk to stitch :) I'd planned on working more on the stocking last night but I managed to leave the pattern book here at the office, le sigh...


Pumpkin said...

OMG! OMG! That is too funny! I have the movie Dumb & Dumber in my mind now ;o)

Faith Ann said...

Wow... that's a full bladder!

Glad my stock of perle cottons could be of assistance during your time of need :)

LOL Let me know when Alex's crop of veggies is ready and I'll do my grocery shopping at the end of your driveway.

Lori-Ann said...

I keep hearing about Faith Ann's Cottage...I think I've been living under a rock here in Moncton. Curious, I am.

Bullies can be a problem...our bully of 6 years got transfered out of our school, but not before my son (and others) took alot of abuse. Do you have an anti-bullying program?