Wednesday, April 25, 2007

On The Mend

Yay! All went smoothly with Matt's surgery. What a relief. I was prepared to pick up someone that looked like they'd been run over by a truck but he was as handsome as ever. Mind you checking out wasn't nearly as smooth. I was called to pick him up at noon and the doctor didn't get around to seeing him until 4. Thank goodness I brought my stitching! I almost stitched the entire train on Alex's stocking while I was waiting. I'll be soo glad when the 3 threads I require come in for that!

Tonight is bring a friend to beaver's night and Alex is bringing his friend Adam. I'm soo glad we found someone that was able to go with him. He has such a hard time making friends, let alone finding one with a schedule that'll fit that night it was a blessing when mom and dad visited last Beaver night (the other date for bring a friend night). Bullying has become a real BIG issue for Alex too and it breaks my heart. He is a very sweet young boy and to hear how much he's relentlessly picked on is just appauling. We've been working with his teacher to have it curbed but unfortunately she can't watch over him the entire school day although the lord knows she tries. It's hard to communicate to him that eventhough his frustrated responses are more than justified, they just make him an even bigger target. He is one of the highest achievers in his class yet he's frequently told he's stupid by two of his classmates and threatened with violence by the little manipulative wench that gave him the black eye. It took all of my control not to unleash a tirade when I saw her but again, I'm an adult and not a bully like she. Thank goodness we get rid of her come middle school...4 years and 2 months to go! Really, if I had help transporting him to afterschool care I would transfer him in a heartbeat.


Barbara said...

Glad to hear Matt's on the mend. I worry about Alex being bullied so much ... it's just heartbreaking. I cannot understand why this happens or why the schools don't work more aggressively to put a stop to it. Good luck.

Faith Ann said...

Glad that Matt is doing okay.

Sending lots of {{{{{hugs}}}}} for Alex and you :)

tkdchick said...

Thanks for your positive vibes and comments its good to know that others have gone through the same thing!

Pumpkin said...

Poor Alex :o( Tell him that I'm his friend! It must be so frustrating and even with the ads on television bullying is still an issue and probably will continue to be. He's strong but give him a hug from me.

That's great that Matt is doing better than expected. Maybe he will tackle some of those projects ;o)