Wednesday, April 18, 2007

On The Road Again

Well, I'm back on the road. Thankfully it wasn't the wiper motor, just something else stripped so the largest expense was replacing the two extremely long wiper blades. I think I can refit all of Matt's Corolla's blades for less than the cost of ONE of mine. Still, it was money that I wasn't looking to fork out, sigh. I did have a good chuckle on the way home though. To begin, the van I drive was my grandparents. My grandfather was a lover of all things Plymouth and was 'notorious' for getting annoyed with his wiper blades (or so he'd say ;)) when a car hit 2-3 years, would go to replace them and come home with a new car. So last night I'm driving home and the rain started to taper off just when I got to the second last intersection and the new ones started to squeak. I'm frigging with them trying to get a speed where they won't do it, curse to myself after spending $$ on them and look up and see Fairview and immediately giggled at the memory and how many times that had happened over the decades. Little things like that bring a smile to my face. At least I could explain this one to Matt, something I couldn't on Good Friday. I'm usually stressed out when holidays roll around, really besides Christmas I'm tired of travelling. I'm very much on the intimate but elegant side of things very much like my wedding reception. Every holiday I'd call my grandmother sometime around it where we weren't going to be home to wish her a happy something or other and usually to gripe about travelling and the ongoing issues. It was only on Good Friday that I realize that on every single holiday since we lost her there has been some force of nature to change our travel plans and cut extended stays short :) Torrential rain last Good Friday, Blizzard on Boxing Day, Blizzard on this Good Friday all days where we normally travel. I think everyone has a notion of what goes on in heaven but I find comfort in the notion that it's been pointed out upstairs that I could use some divine intervention ;)

Last night I was dog tired. Vehicle troubles really stress me out, it's really not the paying for it that does it. It's the impromptu nature and being stripped of my independance. I couldn't bring myself to cook so after retrieving Matt's car from the garage (yes his was there too...and lol, his parents car that's temporarily parked at our house should was that kind of day) so we went to quizno's. After we got home, finished makeshift homework as Alex left his at school and put him to bed I got to work on his stocking again. This one is working up soo much faster than the previous two. Maybe it's the lack of random flowers and specks or checker board patterns in the main character, I don't know ;)

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Faith Ann said...

You deserved a night off from cooking after yesterday!

I must say, I'm not a fan of those huge wiper blades when it comes to replacement costs!