Thursday, March 29, 2007

Here, There and Everywhere

Long time no blog! We've been here there and everywhere lately!! Thursday we went to Alex's parent teacher conference. This was a bit different as it was student led, Alex sure enjoyed showing off. Friday was quiet, I picked up groceries and prepared for mom and dad's visit. The house had been in complete disarray and I was hoping to get it somewhat back to normal!

Saturday was busy. Swimming was a disaster! It was report card day and the last activity they did was a 'fun' on where they got to fish something off the bottom of the pool with the lifeguard hook. There were only 3 in Alex's class and after the first 2 went they'd 'run out of time' and had to distribute report cards. Well Alex was pretty upset. I think it's the fastest I've ever flown to the change room to get him out of there and calm him down. Only after about 10 minutes did anyone come looking for him (I actually met him flying into the change room so that's really comforting...). While he finished getting dressed after his shower the 'instructor' came to explain what had happened. At this point I calmly but very pointedly said "So you think it's right to let 2 kids have fun and then there wasn't enough 'time' for the third and final child? That's somehow fair?....Seriously you had 3 report cards to give out and your class was pulled out of the pool before the classes of 5 and 6 kids." At about this point I set my jaw, stuck my nose in the air, took the report card and went back to Alex. Normally, I'd be having a serious conversation with him about having a tantrum but this time it was taking all of my control not to make a scene with 'Barbie' so I sided with him a little. I had to laugh at his report card, anything that wasn't checked was things he missed during the weeks he was exiled to the beginner/intermediate class that they never bothered to revisit and there were other spots that have both the introduction&mastery skills listed and the mastery would be checked, but the intro not. I think one was a swim on back x meters, that was checked but swim on back using either arms or legs for <= the meters of the first wasn't. I didn't want him to pass, he has some confidence rebuilding to do after those screwed up weeks but still. I guess it doesn't give with my empirical measuring processes :)

We went to Shur Gain after to blow off some steam and pick up an Easter treat for Jazz. That made Alex instantly feel better. It's amazing how generous he wants to be when it's my money ;) Mom, Dad and Jazz arrived around lunch and Alex managed to sneak dad downstairs to 'teach him how to play computer'. I think next time mommy's going to pull the power supply out a week before hand ;) Mom and I checked out the home improvement stores. We had a lovely family dinner at Boston Pizza and then retired back to the house. Dad offered to babysit but I couldn't find a movie date ;) So we ended up watching The Notebook instead. I love that movie!
Sunday we headed to the Sugar Bush at King's Landing which was alot of fun. We had a wonderful breakfast then a nice dessert of 'tire' afterwards. The smell of them boiling the sap over the flames was marvelous. We even got to go on a wagon ride which Alex thought was fun :) Before mom and dad left we showed him Steven's Easter present, a racoon puppet in his own garbage can (my brother's spent almost a year studying them for some parasite featured on House). Alex informed them if Steven didn't want it, he'd take it ;) Even I had fun with it, he could wash his arm pits, do the 'You didn't see anything' from madagascar, count on his little fingers, you name it ;)

I did sneak some stitching in here and there over the last week but things have just been busy, that and I'm this close to finally finishing The Nanny Diaries :) This weekend should be fun, I've got a trip to the spa planned with my Christmas gift and we're going to take Alex to TMNT. Factor in his excitement of being on CBC this morning and he should be pretty much bouncing all the way to Easter :)


Barbara said...

Alex's swim instructor sounds awful. It's amazing how people who are supposed to be trained to work with kids totally drop the ball sometimes.

Your family time with your parents sounds excellent. Next time your dad wants to babysit, send him here. My in-laws don't "do" babysitting and I'm once again missing an evening event that I really wanted to go to. :(

Faith Ann said...

There were only 3 kids and they "ran out of time"? That's absurd. Glad there was lots of weekend fun to make up for swim class.

only 2 weeks to go...

Pumpkin said...

Grrrr... I wish you could get this swimming problem all settled. Poor Alex! I would have done the exact same thing if that were me :o( If you ask me, the instructor has no idea how to handle children.