Friday, April 13, 2007

In The Meadow We Can Build A Snowman

I'm beginning to think I'll be taking off my snow tires on the 30th at this rate, yuck! More snow falling again today (hello, this time last year our flooding had subsided)
The Wedding Row is close to being finished, woo hoo! I don't plan on taking it with me to the states tomorrow. Instead I'll be wild and crazy and bring a new project! Last night was a bit more hectic than planned. Since Christmas I've been checking the Canadian Tire site for a sale on the bookshelf we wanted to get Alex, of course wouldn't I spot it two days before I'm supposed to go away and of course isn't the money for it in an account that that has a 'transfer period' (but heck interest is fab so do I normally care) so I did some fancy money shifting and picked up one. I dunno about Canadian Tire, love the store but I really don't like how they NEVER have their high quality sales items out on the shelf (or at least at our location). Anytime I've bought something that was a really good sale on an item over 100$ the only way I get it is by going to the customer service desk and requesting a rain cheque. Should people really need to do that?

What will I be up to tonight. Packing! Not that there's much to do, but I'm hoping I can locate my fabric so I can start Alex's stocking tomorrow. I find working on those SB stockings soo relaxing and I'm really looking forward so seeing all three of them together :)

Fingers crossed for better weather!


Black Cat Ryan said...

Hehe... it seems to snow every time we talk about taking out winter tires off. We'll probably wait until closer to the end of the month now too (or at least we won't talk about it!)

Lori-Ann said...

Amen to the weather getting better! Moncton has been looking as though it is february again! Have fun in the states...our group has opted to rent a cabin past shediac the middle of May. The weather should be better by then (I hope). It slices the price in half or better. ;)