Tuesday, April 17, 2007

When It Rains...It Pours

Why Me? Seriously do I not deserve to have one gosh darn me moment? Case in point, van hits 70000km on the way home yesterday, get up this morning, driver's side windshield wiper NOT working. But instead of just staying not working it decides to half spring to life bending the good arm and breaking at least on of the blades. How on God's green earth I'm supposed to get it over to the shop in the middle of a noreaster that will not go away, I do not know. DH was still home and drove us, told me to call the shop and get back to him. 2 hours later I track him down, he'd taken his own car in the shop. In the mean time I'm thinking was he in an accident, did I knock the phone cord loose (due to 7 years of trying to get it through certain people's heads that there are inappropriate times to call the house we only ever have one ringer on on one of the cordless phones)? I was seriously debating booking a conference room and just sobbing. I've been working hard and cutting back debt and take one friggin weekend to spend a little money on me (50% of expenditures were 'family' deductibles) and this happens. People wonder why I don't venture far from my house. I'm a walking Friday the 13th! I should probably look into renting a large shop vac or something as you know it's going to flood or something at this rate!

Although the Me moment was pretty fantabulous! We literally shopped until we dropped Saturday, from openning until they kicked us out of Borders at 11! I've never been to a Joann's and maybe that's a good thing or I'd seriously take up quilting in a heartbeat. I'd also never been to an Olive Garden and my portabello ravioli was divine! I loved looking over all the foods we can't get up here in Canada and I came back a hero. I found Cookie Crisp, neon coloured scooby doo Mott's applsauce, Trix yogurt. Yep, Alex thought I was cool! I took advantage of older book prices (it was only recently that they updated the Cdn issue price to reflect the strong dollar). Although, I finally understand why gals on ther 123board are so hard on Walmart! I bought Alex Spider Spud in Brewer for close to 10$, walk into the one in Bangor not 12 hours later and there it is for 8.08$. I took my receipt to customer service and had this witchy person say she wouldn't give me the difference because it would mess up the store inventory? WTF? I don't know how many times I go to any of the ones here in NB and have no problem returning, getting a price matched, etc. Anyway, I had to retrieve him from the car, wait in line again, return him to another rude person who refused to override the price to mark it properly so I had to go back to the toy dept, get another one, wait in another line and have yet another rude person ring me through. Lovely. Did I ever get to 'take a walk in their shoes' during that experience! I even got some stitching in. I took a break from that last 60 minutes of the Wedding Row to start Alex's Stocking (SB's Harry's Stocking). I really love working on those stockings, they're just soo relaxing (and a break from Hand dyed threads is always welcome).


Faith Ann said...


I think I dropped on Saturday night and haven't recovered yet LOL. I fell asleep on the sofa on Sunday night *while* playing ninja turtles with DS!

Barbara said...

Hey Katie, I didn't realize you lived that close to Maine! Cool!! :)

Your comment on being a walking Friday the 13th makes me laugh in commiseration ... I've felt that way, too!

Lori-Ann said...

Gosh...sorry you've had a bad spell. Things are sure to get better now...pretty sure. :)
I've never heard of Spider Spud, but you have enlightened me. He's pretty cool! I bet Alex will have a blast with him.
Hugs and prayers for you!

Pumpkin said...

LOL! Yes, Spider Spud! Hard to believe you have to go through all that effort to get what should automatically be done in the first place :oS

Had a great time myself although you know I paid dearly for it ;o)

I wonder if I would be as popular with DH if I came home with that snot green apple sauce ;o)