Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Well, we arrived safe and sound a day later than planned but that's A-Ok with me ;) After a freak snow storm Thursday we decided to play it safe with the flurries and stay home. This gave me some time to straighten up some stuff in the house finally (hooray) and do laundry. Not to pat my own back but I'm very good at keeping up...however there's one bottle neck in the system, my DH who's supposed to be putting the clothes away. It's felt like my son's underwear drawer has been the basket in the computer room for the last month. I'm not about to go buy another basket as we already have two and that doesn't seem to help so there does occasionally tend to be a back up because lugging clothes downstairs with no basket is just no fun I'm seriously thinking of installing some sort of chute at the bottom of that closet when we re floor as it is above the laundry room!

Anyway, we had a late start Saturday. Someone was mad at moi for not getting him up sooner than 9 and hadn't 'picked up the slack' from the chores that were supposed to be done the night before. Truthfully I didn't feel the slightest bit guilty, sure maybe it was a bit witchy but doing two big family parties in 24 hours needed my full energy load. The wedding party was nice. Pierre is one of my favorite relatives of DH. Although the 'reaction' to my nice chic tunic top was not what I was expecting! Sure I gained back about 8-10 of the lbs I lost for the wedding but I wasn't in the house for more than 2 minutes when I saw two of his cousins trying to figure out if I was pregnant. I wanted to run screaming and burn my top! Instead I did the next best thing, grabbed the nearest glass of champagne and downed it :P Alex had fun playing with everyone and was excited to tell them about his Kid Canada experience, although the 5 hour stay took it's toll on both of us. Was my reception and dance even that long?

Sunday started with it's usual egg hunting festivities. Alex was over the moon with his new Holey Soles and books. There was no whining about no toys, hooray! Although combine his cold with my lack of energy and I was a bad Christian and stayed home. With two parties and not being able to get out of the one today as it was at the inlaws something had to give. The party actually turned out small a) because everyone was tuckered out and b) I'm not the only one with the urge to get out of things. There was talk of Matt's brother coming home at Christmas and a wedding party then but I stuck to my guns, the only reason we were down was because I get Christmas. I hate being a bitch but that's been the plan for the last 7 years and until I can convince people to come to my house for Christmas or we have a second child IT STAYS!

I have been plugging away here and there on The Wedding Row (from hell)! I swear I've had to redo three letters so far, with sampler threads *collective sighs* It kind of kills the motivation. No doubt that it'll be a gorgeous addition to our house next month but it's not my kind of 'fun' stitching. Of course when I was packing do you think I could find the fabric for Alex's stocking? I'll probably trip over it the second I return but definitely there Saturday! I think the Easter Bunny was hiding it ;) Hope you're all having a wonderful Easter!!


Faith Ann said...

Sounds like a busy weekend!! Sounds like you've got to convince people to spend the occasional holiday at *your* house. It's only fair!

Just 5 more days...

Pumpkin said...

You SURVIVED! I'm proud of you :o)

Don't worry about the top. Who cares! I doubt you looked "that" bad. I'm bigger than you are ;o)

Glad Alex had a nice Easter :o)

As Faith Ann said, just 5 more days!!!!

Lori-Ann said...

My sympathies...The word "wedding" sends shivers down my spine. Too many people, and too much expectation. If I ever (hoping neither of us kicks the bucket) get married again...I'm eloping (I'm a terrible speller). ;)

Black Cat Ryan said...

You need a long weekend to recover from your weekend! My parents have a laundry chute in their bathroom and it is great! I really wish I had one too.