Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Yay! I moved on to the cutwork phase of the candle wrap and reaquainted myself with the Dove's Eye last night

So, a dozen or so more dove's eyes and then I can wash it and stitch the satin hearts and wording on it, yippee (the hearts are a burgundy silk and I need to wash it before it goes on, just in case it would like to run).

Sigh, I didn't get to read a single page of the Da Vinci Code last night :( Making my dove's eyes look right and doing it with an eight perle was something else, in the past I've used 12 and find the 8 bulky. For supper we had the Chicken Burritos out of Life's on Fire and we loved them. Matt was also very receptive to the Loafstyles meatloaf, yay!!!

Tonight I'm hoping to finish the guest list and start on the invitations...after a Newbody class that is :)


Faith Ann said...

The candle wrap is looking beautiful!!! I can't wait to see the burgundy hearts...they sound perfect.

Yummm. We love the chicken burritos from LoF.

Shannon L. said...

The candlewrap really is looking gorgeous. It will be stunning :)

Chicken burritos ? Must try !