Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Stitchy Night

Yay, last night was a stitchy night. A long time before Friends That Count Angela, Eleni and I used to get together, then life got hectic, houses built, kids born and our monthly girlie night went on pause. Last night it was revived :) Alex was very excited to have some company at the house and had to show off his whoopie cushion ;) I got to see Eleni's Funshine bear and Angela's Love is Patient, I love seeing everyone else's projects :)

This week just gets crazier. The junk yard doesn't want to take my car so now I'm left scrambling to get it out of the driveway (I don't know why everything on it's new besides the transmission). The school asked for our preference on a parent teacher apt and then made one up out of thin air that goes head on with another commitment on the schedule >:( I sent a note today requesting an earlier apt. Speaking of school I found out why Alex is having such difficulties breaking from a girl that he's polar opposites with, a mother that believes that with work any two people can get along. The school hasn't let her know about any of the problems (or the fact that her daughter has been sent to the principal's office as well). So here's Matt and I pushing him to find new friends and another pushing them to be friends and work on it...no wonder the poor 5 year olds are confused!!

Today I'm hoping to finish Girlfriends Forever, there's only a couple little spots left to do (30 stitches maybe). yay!

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