Thursday, March 23, 2006

Happy Dance

Yay! The DMC hogging afghan is done!! Now I just need to go to the local sewing shop and pick up a thread appropriate to zig zag the edges in and fray it. Where it was an early morning finish while waiting for Alex's alarm to do go off I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it just yet.

I'm feeling a bit better today, it's mostly in my head (and not mentally ;)) now, not enough to justify another sick day for certain. It was tempting to crawl back under the covers. Today is a really low key day, no gym (maybe some pilates or yoga at home tonight) and Alex and I are probably going to head to the coop after work to pick up a new spring jacket for him as their Columbia's are in stock, yay!! (plus I forgot to pick up Cheerios when I was there Tuesday and 1.97 a box is too good a deal to pass up ;))

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Shannon L. said...

$1.97 for Cheerios ? Wow ! Congrats on the afghan - hope you can take a pic :) And I"m glad you're feeling better. The bugs going around these days are terrible !