Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I Saw The Sign

Yay, after fretting last night about how on earth I was going to get Betty (my beloved old buick which is sans reverse gear) out of my driveway as the recommended junk yard wouldn't take her...I saw a sign. The road out to my place is 4 lane and there I was waiting at the lights when a tow truck pulled up. Now normally having a big vehicle drivers tick me off until I saw a "We'll buy your clunker" written across the back, yay!! So they're coming over tomorrow to take her away. Now I don't need to park so far from the door ;)

In stitchy news I have a happy dance to report, Girlfriends Forever (click here for chart) is complete yay!!

Now onto Proof!, I'm kicking myself as I was JUST in Moncton at the LNS and didn't realize I was out of 2 Kreiniks, zut alors!

In monkey business, the monkey is sick, sigh... Thankfully not the stomach bug of doom again, just a nasty head cold that had him running a slight fever and had him going to bed early....without prodding. So here's fingers crossed that he feels better soon!


Faith Ann said...

Oh no! I hope he's feeling better soon... but I'm glad to hear it's not the nasty bug that's going around.

Girlfriends forever is adorable... looks great!!

Heather said...

That's beautiful. Well done on your finish.