Monday, March 27, 2006

Where'd The Weekend Go??

We had such a good weekend. Mom visited with us Friday and then on Saturday we went on a much deserved girlie trip to Moncton to look for wedding decorations. Lets just say we were shoppers on a mission! A mission so intense we didn't really stop to eat until supper at 5:30. I'm so glad we didn't have any plans with anyone else. We headed to Because You Count in the trip and that turned out to cost some $$. My goodness, one sweetheart tree ornament material wise was more than a Mirabilia pattern!! But I'd already bought half the supplies already and it will look mighty pretty on the tree so the paillettes and sterling silver charm (which cost less than the paillettes) made their way home, I just had to pass on a Diane Arthur's pattern for now.

Sunday we headed over to Gram's to attempt to find a cross stitch I'd done for Christmas in 2003, a little Precious Moments chimney sweep. I'd actually forgotten I'd stitched it and was feeling bad that I hadn't stitched her something nicer until I saw it on my cyberstitchers gallery. We couldn't find it though :( After a farewell lunch at McDonald's mom headed home and we headed back to the house. I did the zig zagging on the throw, fringed it and had a good talk with Cathey :) We also had some really good maple chicken for supper. I was pretty pooped from shopping so I vegged to Cold Case and stitching and taped DH.

And without further ado, my finishes and progress (well one piece will be on cyberstitchers until mid may after all the giftable occasions are done, so if your expecting a gift you'll have to work to ruin the surprise)

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Faith Ann said...

Girlfriends Forever and your candle wrap look fantastic!!

The candle wrap will be beautiful on your unity candle :)