Thursday, March 16, 2006

Stitchy Night

Yay, last night was stitchy night. Faith Ann and I went early to get some good seats :) There were some very pretty projects completed, Angela made a shoe bag, Karoline had a tonne of finishes and we got to see the Fiddlestitch Cottage Christmas ornament, I love it! Speaking of Fiddlestitchcottage Tracy had her latest pattern in and I of course HAD to get one for the stitching room

I forgot to bring in my candlewrap as it actually got put away while I was looking for my ring.

In other news I had an interesting discovery yesterday. I went to clean up some bottles that had been disposed of in our woods and clean up the garbage that the unsanitary sanitary department left loose and in my ditch (I wish they'd pay more attention to how they dump garbage into the truck) and picked up a particularly dirty bottle which turned out to be a makeshift bong! Good friggin grief. I put it right back down and called the RCMP immediately as goodness only knows what happens when your prints are on that crap. Matt called neighborhood watch while I was out and then we're going to pay 'mother who needs to crack down on her 16 year old son' a visit to show her our discovery. We live in a nice neighborhood, tow the line and keep it that way!

Now it's time to walk up to Sobey's and get some groceries, yay!!

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