Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Final Score: Spiral Tree 2 Katie 1

Ack...I love the look of spiral trees but my good lord they hate me. I came home all excited to put up my new multicoloured tree, the same company and size as the last tree, went to put it on the existing pole and it wouldn't then I assembled the new one, brought it outside and it still wouldn't fit over the hole. Spiral tree 2. I even tried frigging with it to get the star to possibly be propped. By this time I was getting a little irate. So my next trip out to the tree I had a power drill and the biggest drill bit I could find in the house and drilled the stupid thing until the hole was wide enough to fit. Katie 1 My neighbors must think I'm crazy ;)

Yesterday I got the remaining icicle lights up inside. Although doing the picture window lights was not the best thing to do before heading to work, I ended up with a Christmas cactus bud in my hair!! Mom came down to pick up her wreath and we went out for a wonderful family supper at Boston Pizza. My son, being the creature of habit that he is quickly picked up that we had not ordered our usual appetizer of cactus cut potatoes ;) He brought one of his Franny K Stein books with him to show his uncle. Afterwards we ran a couple of errands and picked up some food for Matt then settled in for a nice visit :) Why on earth do they put Christmas specials on so late that school aged kids can't watch them. I was shocked to see Santa Claus is Coming to Town on at 9 pm, I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and purchase that one (it's one of my favorites). I stitched as well and finished my Hope needleroll. I can't wait to stuff it and put it on the tree.

Today's been one of those days, kid that didn't want to go to school, van that didn't want to defrost, people that don't respect people's calendars and schedule meetings, one that even spans over the lunch time slot (well too bad, I'm going to my son's christmas concert) I'll be happy to arrive home tonight, hopefully with the pictures for the Christmas cards...

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who supported the school's wreath campaign, raffle draw and bazarre this year. These events raised over 16,000$ for Alex's school (on top of the 7,000$ they raised for Unicef), hopefully for some Smartboards to go with their new amplification systems they purchased last year. :) Thanks Again :)


Barbara said...

Your tree story had me in stitches, Katie! LOL

What a terrific fundraiser for Alex's school and UNICEF. Good job!!

Faith Ann said...

What is it with spiral trees and those stinkin' stars? I fight with mine every year too and have resorted to duct tape to hold the thing in place. Next year... out comes the drill!!

Pumpkin said...

At least we're not the only one fighting with decorations ;o)

That's great that the school was able to raise that much money! Super!