Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Adventures in Curry

Oh my goodness! What an adventure indeed!! Last night where it was Alex's and my last night home before Christmas (Matt follows on the weekend before or Christmas eve) I decided to attempt to make a fancy dinner. Well, I've learned that there are more than one kind of curry paste, and that the Tandoori I bought will make your curry maple chicken penne bright fuschia, borderline NEON!!

After supper I packed up what stuff was safe to leave in the car in the parking lot, suitcases hidden in the back, stuff hidden under the seats and my stinky gym bag to detract would be burglars. I love minivans but that's my one little beef, there's no concealed area. I have tinted windows but it still feels a bit openNow I just need to make a quick trip home to pick up some mittens, frozen fudge and some mittens as its cold!!! I didn't get to stitch much last night, there was a couple things I wanted to get done so I didn't come home to a complete disaster zone, but took these tasks at a leisurely pace. I did however get to play with my stash!! :) I packed my big rubbermaid container with the supplies for DD's Deck the Halls, Not Dust Them, the thread to finish off the Lost Dragon Sampler, Our LK First Christmas ornament to ornamentify, Matt's stocking to sew and my Christmas Elf Fairy...oh and my stocking. Yes, I do realize I'm only going for a week but what if I ran out of a critical thread on one project?? Oh, or what if I had something to frog?? Anyway, it's packed and ready to play with.

When on the Miramichi I'm going to see if I can find a large count for Alex to play with (I donated all of my aida to one of the elementary school stitching groups). When he saw me packing up my stitching yesterday he asked if he could stitch with me. I then asked him what I was going to stitch and he informed me that he was going to stitch a dragon. Hooray, he'll like his christmas gift from me then ;) Anyway, I've got a tiny one of her freebies that should be decent to stitch and doesn't involve alot of colours. We'll see :) Just think of how many more projects that would be completed from the stash if there were two of us to do it?? ;)

Last night I also went on the mad hunt for my cherry ball recipe, which is what Matt requested for his choice of cookie. After digging through the cookbooks (which are on the please sort me list when I get back) I finally found the itty bitty Tartan cookbook dad found when he was cleaning out his mother's house. Little old ladies sure knew how to cook the rich stuff back in the day. Mind you, some of the recipe names reflected the times and not the great multinational Canada we know today. It seems that anyone that had a regular recipe that wanted to make it sound fancy put Chinese in front of it! Authentic Chinese Brownies, never heard of them??? Of course when I got to the main dishes section was there any recipes for chicken almond su guy?? Kung Pao chicken?? Szechwan?? No :( Now back to the cherry balls! I went to the index, no cherry balls!! I got thinking, could I possibly be wrong about what cook book it came out of?? Frustrated and not wanting to leaf through the numerous cookbooks and magazines I sat down to read some of the old recipes. Then I came across "Secrets" and there were the cherry balls!! They truly were a secret ;)

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Pumpkin said...

Hope you have a great visit! I know you'll magically have lots of stitching to show off when you get home :o)

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!