Sunday, December 10, 2006

Deck The Halls

Well here's some pics of what we've been doing around the house...and compromising my stitching time

Our Tree & Côtéville

I have a tonne more pics but I'll save them for subsequent posts ;)

This weekend saw more prep of presents and the finale of gym and swim. It was bring a friend day so Alex brought his best bud Kayla, after he'd gone to her finale on Thursday. I took the kids for a festive donut and chocolate milk at Tim Horton's (gee, thankfully you guys aren't as critical as some on the boards or I might have to provide all of the nutritional info for the week ;)) The kids had a little impromptu playdate while I got groceries. I really hate the grocery trip with the non grocery items that make the bill skyrocket. I did find a monky flyer for Alex's stocking, something we say at retreat. I showed it to Matt the other week and must have had a broken one and forgot about the piercing shriek it lets out, which of course scared the poor cashier half to death when I threw it on the belt! How embarassing!! Of course the thing screamed all through the parking lot too every time the cart hit a bump ;)

Today was a Jam/Pump day. Why of why do I attract the people that show up late and are exactly the kind of person you'd NOT be beside. I get talkers or 7 foot people at the movies and today I got someone who came in late enough for the give yourself plenty of room or end up getting hit speal. Said person also decided halfway through the routine and stopped to watch the instructor, right in my path, oye. Then at pump the queen went and put her step right beside mine, with no room for me!! She even had the nerve to tell me to move my step forward. Then I went to get my weights and had someone drop a 2.5 to 5kg weight on my shoulder/ that doesn't hurt or anything. Nothings worse than trying to stay composed in front of 30+ people when you're already having a bad day. Well at least I got more of my Christmas gifts ready. I can't wait to do some lacing this week.

I also started my bakefest this weekend which saw some really yummy new recipes such as Irish Cream fudge, Grand Marnier Fudge and some bits and bites. That's the one 'work' part of Christmas that I truly do enjoy :) Here's hoping for some actual time to put in on Mirabilia's Christmas Fairy this week ;)


Faith Ann said...

Ooooh... love the tree and Côtéville!!

What?! You attract talkers at the movie? Oh no! That doesn't bode well for this week, does it? LOL

Shannon L. said...

The tree is gorgeous ! And Coteville looks beautiful ! You've been busy busy !

Pumpkin said...

Your tree looks SO lovely and I can even pick out the stitched ornaments :o)

Coteville is SO cool!

cathymk said...

Love your tree!! I love all the stitched ornies you have done!

Barbara said...

Wow, what a cozy niche you have!!