Sunday, December 10, 2006

Did You Ever...

Have read a post on a bb that just ticked you off?? For Example this just drove me up the wall and back down again...

This woman just dumbfounds me. In July our 4-H club planned a trip to a high-mountain lake for canoeing and swimming. Her son was 8. She asked if someone could give him a ride. I said, "Did you ask an adult to be responsible for him?" She replied, "No, I didn't think I needed to."
I am currently organizing the Homeschool Ski Program involving nearly 70 people. Today the same mom asked another family if they could give her son a ride to the hill. They refused, saying that they didn't feel they could be responsible for him. "Well, Heidi didn't say I had to have someone responsible for him." DUH!

And responses such as

-"It's always amazing to me the number of parents that look upon these activities as free babysitting. I really feel sorry for their kids. "
-"Sadly, common sense isn't very common anymore.

And even more sadly, many parents just don't seem to care about actually *parenting* anymore.

When organizing trips, be sure that the first thing on the cover of your list of details, permission slips, etc. is a notice that EVERY PARENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN CHILD and if their child is going without a parent, the parent is required to get another adult to agree to be the responsible party for that child and accept liability."

And the killer

"Makes you wonder does this woman leave her son alone at home unattended? How could anyone ask strangers to take her son to some place and just leave him alone? She has got to either take him herself or pay a sitter to take him and tend to him.

Yes, you have got to do papers that say child has to be taken by parents or responsible sitter or relative. Can not be dropped off or left alone on its own."

Its?? Obviously this isn't a real parent children are not an 'it'...or only on certain occasions?? ;) What on earth is up with people being overly critical of today's parents?? Bah Humbug?? Quite frankly I like the screening that most organizations do to their leaders, at least in Canada and I really wouldn't be overly happy with some of the other parents tagging along...or someone going just to be a guardian, what's that crazy percentage of a child related sex offenses being by a family member or friend of the family...trusted people...yeah I like some level of screening of who's around my son. My goodness, the economy almost demands that both parents work, and I know lots of working moms that burn both ends of the candle to be uber moms and are very hands on with what time they have.

I'm grateful we live in a nation who's justice system doesn't permit quite as many lawsuits! Whatever happened to "It takes a village to raise a child". I'd be more than happy (and do) drive other children around and ammore than willing to have an emergency playdate (or even a babysitting one). Letting one's child watch a tv show here and there is not a babysitter. Children have bad days just like alot of adults I know.

So to those who feel overly critical of todays moms...stop lumping us in with the wingnuts that have and always will be around...and BAH HUMBUG!

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