Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Week in Review

Where oh where oh where have we been? Last week was one of those weeks that you just want to crawl up and ignore some of the goings on and rejoice in the others.

Tuesday: Headed to Angela's for some stitching and bitching and also taking in all of the progress they've made on their home which is truly gorgeous

Wednesday: Day from Hell...After prepping poor Alex for his 'booster' we get to public health and don't 'need' it for school admission. I was pissed to say the least. I got a letter from the school that was forwarded all the way to district office about it and for no reason whatsoever. I tried calling both public health and the school to find out what shot was missing to confer with my doctor, neither could tell me sh*t. I found out that the 'audits' were done in the spring and that the school had left off telling me until a day or two before the last day they were legally obligated to. So, I spent hours trying to track down this 'needle', had to take an hour and a half off of work to go to public health, lost my parking space, burnt a load of gas for what...to be thrown in the same barrel as the deadbeat parents. There is one well worded letter being compiled for head office!

Thursday: Fun Day...Had another appointment with my doctor (two appointments in one week, yuck...at least only one was for me). Then I got to go home. Mom and Jazz came up for a visit and Alex was excited to let Jazz out when we got there. After supper we headed to the school for parent teacher. Alex was pretty excited to show mom his school and they headed off to the bookfair. The meeting went well and Alex found some new books at the bookfair (and thankfully avoided the Magic Treehouse book I'd already picked up). He now has another favorite book series Franny K Stein-Mad Scientist by Jim Benton, although Matt wanted to know who enjoyed them more, Alex or myself.

Friday: Out on the town...we had a nice outing with mom to Scott's nursery, house 'hunting', a little christmas shopping and a nice lunch at Quiznos. Alex only had a bratty moment at Scott's and was eventually turned around and happy as a clam. We got home to Matt telling me I had to go to the school...I was ticked, I had been looking forward to walking the dog before mom headed back...but Alex was drawn as the grand prize winner at the bookfair winning 25$ worth of books...that had to be picked out by 3... and it was 2:30. So we hightailed it in to town. I guess his teacher was pretty excited as the class got 25$ worth of books as well. I'd planned on going into town after mom left to get groceries and didn't want to make another trip in so I bit the bullet and took Alex with me, and didn't have my trusty list or menu. Oh well... After supper we went to the treelighting at Scott's but didn't stay for the whole thing that was really drug out for one wound up kid. He was pretty excited to see Callie sing and we got to chat with Eleni and Craig for awhile (and Jackson worked his...really you want another one just like me charm on Matt). Oh during our trip out with mom I got the last set of lights for my village and it's now lit!!

Saturday: Run AWAY: Ok...I left the boys Saturday morning to go stitch. With inlaws incoming and I needed to recoup some sanity. Their trip was uneventful, besides our trip to the parade...note to parents don't put new boots on your child before said event. Alex ended up on Matt's shoulders for most of it with my mittens on his feet if it's any indication of how that went! The highlight of the parade for him? Most kids are happy with Santa, mine went ape over the mascot for Boston Pizza!! All you could hear for a block was 'Hi Boston Pizza Guy!!!' until he was out of sight, Santa got a Merry Christmas a wave and that was it!!

Sunday: Our company left just in time for me to miss the second of my classes, sigh... Oh well, Alex and I still had time for a stitching playdate over at Faith Ann's. Alex was begging to go back if that's any indication of how well they played together.

Monday: Flex day off!! Alex and I had a nice day planned...with sewing of a christmas gift and wrapping Matt's gifts planned...until he showed up home sick. sigh... We met Angela and Eleni for lunch. The boy has been obsessed with trying clams since he saw them in a menu on our Miramichi trip! After that we took the bottles in and headed up to Fabricville where there was a really bad diesel smell so they called 911, of course everyone was rushing to get out and stuck with an incompetant cashier...top that off with "I've GOTTA PEE!! I don't want to pee my pants' and you can begin to guess how pleasant it was! And it only got worse, just as I was about to pull out of there to take Alex to the bathroom a firetruck pulled in behind our spot!! So we made a mad dash to Tim Horton's... I did manage to wedge the van out and head to the mall. First order of business, take Alex to Santa :) We did a little shopping too, Alex got to take the bottle money to Chapters where he was down right awestruck at the full collection of Magic Treehouse books (and ticked when I told him they were off limits for his purchase). Fast forward to two tired redheads driving in the yard ready to wrap and watch a movie to find out we no longer had the house to ourselves, sigh... Not that I don't love Matt's company, it's just very rare that I ever get the house to myself!! After supper I settled in to stich and watch Doctor Who and Heroes. I tried to watch Dexter but it was just too gross for me. Whenever Matt was out of the room I started basting the cording on the stocking, oye...

Today: No plans besides body Jam, woot!! I need to make a pan of squares for school and that's about it for me!!

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Angela said...

Oy - I'm exhausted just reading your week! Hopefully this week is a bit less hectic :)