Sunday, November 05, 2006

Retreat Pics

A retreat update will follow after a good night's sleep, and figuring out how to summarize an awesome and much needed weekend away!!

But seeing as I won't be able to upload in the morning here are the pics before I head to bed:

Tracy of Fiddlestitch Cottage, myself and Cathey The Flamingo Girls from the South ;)

Cathey and I...and yes there's a story behind this...

My retreat finish by Jeanette Douglas for the ornament exchange, Cathey's 'winnings' are to the left.


Faith Ann said...

Ok, everyone is wearing short sleeves in the first picture... was it hot there?!

Love your needleroll... much prettier than the picture in the magazine!! (of course, aren't they all prettier than their pictures?)

Pumpkin said...

My, what an attractive picture of ourselves ;o)