Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Got iPod?

Yeah, long time no blog :) Friday night we headed out to pick up my iPod Shuffle as it was FINALLY release day. Well, I walked right past them they're sooo tiny, they're smaller than the pictures on the web. I was playing with it all Friday night!! I'm so glad we didn't wait to pick it up as we got the second last one at the futureshop.

Saturday, I loaded the van and connected the iPod for our trip to the Miramichi. It was soo nice to finally have current music in the van (which has a tape deck...and my old stereo does not like disks burnt with iTunes). Alex's only request was that I load Sesame Street's Hot Hot Dance Songs so he could do the Macarena ;) The trip was uneventful, besides almost mowing down some people, I understand people were going to the rememberance day ceremonies but parking on both sides of the road unexpectedly in a 90 zone and then walking two abreast with their backs to traffic....where's Darwin when you need him??

We had a nice visit home. The dog was a bit jealous of Alex and would try to eat the ninja turtles, even if they were in the box. I guess he was trying to discourage having to share dad with Alex for a whole week like our last visit ;) I got some stitching, relaxing and catching up in. My lost dragon samper is almost done, if I could find my Havana silk and I finished my Mill Hill Mandolin Santa.

Monday we headed back in the rain and fog, leaving is miserable enough without the weather adding to it. Yesterday I was home with a Migraine, which was a blessing in disguise as I got to keep an eye on the basement as we had a real freak rainstorm, there was water everywhere but thankfully the basement stayed dry. I did do some manual sump pumping before supper and took out about 10 loads of water from the storm drain in a big canner pot, what a workout. I could practically vacuum/dump/vacuum/dump, head up the stairs, head back down the steps, dump water return and repeat in my sleep. It's only on a day like that that one realizes how many steps you do in a raised ranch house :)

In my good news Monday, I don't need to go for a biopsy, woot! Just monitoring and a list of 'if this happens call'. It takes sooo long for a second opinion in Canada but it was worth it, the doctor I saw in the breast clinic was going to take 1/4 of my breast for biopsy, which wasn't the amount he disclosed with me, but I did find out when I saw my file >:( My lovely surgeon who reminds me of Monica from Friends, said while that would take out anything suspicious, we don't do mastectomies to reduce our risks. I should ask that jack a** if he'd like to have a 1/4 of his testicals removed to make sure nothing was wrong with them for nothing. After sleeping off my migraine I put up the Christmas Village and started to do some of the Christmas decorating, poor DH was caught a bit off guard when he got home ;)

Tonight's stitchy night, I can't believe it's been a month already!!


Pumpkin said...

A new iPod! Lucky you!

Glad you had a great trip and successful doctor's appointment :o)

Faith Ann said...

Glad to hear that you had a nice weekend at home... those trips are great for recharging the batteries :)

See you tonight!

Shannon L. said...

Congrats on the new iPod. They're so cute lol And I'm glad you have a sensible doctor there :) Love the idea of the 1/4 of the other docs... well you know lol