Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wacky Wednesday

Phew...Last night was busy! Matt was home sick all day so I got him to pick up Alex so I could get to a class at the gym to make up for at least one of the ones I missed last week. It was interesting to say the least! It was the new release of Body Jam and it involved alot more spinning and jumping than the last one. Needless to say there were lots of flying bodies during what one instructor called the "African Disco" segment.

I returned home and heated up the remainder of our homemade cream of mushroom soup (which Alex actually tried and liked) and made some 'garden style' quesadillas. While Alex was in the tub I put in a batch of dough for cinnamon rolls and made a batch of pumpkin mini muffins for the bazarre, tonight I'll make another batch of dough and the squares so Thursday I'll only need to make a batch of cookies. After all that was complete and Alex was in bed after another chapter of Franny K Stein, I got to throw yet more clothes in the wash, shower and edit some photos on the computer for a gift I need to order tonight. So by 9:40 I was pretty zonked and headed to bed...with my needleroll in tow. I finished the dreaded over one stitching in the candles and shut the light off. This needleroll is progressing much smoother than the one I did for retreat :) Hopefully if all goes smoothly it'll be beaded tonight!

Tonight's agenda a) pick up remaining ingredients for bazarre cook off b)pick up kid c) do homework with kid and prep baking 'center' d)throw supper in oven e)fix son's beaver uniform f) start more sweet dough g) put squares together h)possibly make cookies i)drop kid off at Beavers j)Get workout in and bead k)Read chapter of Franny L)Squeeze in shower m)slay dragon (ie: geek stuff) n) head to bed....really not that bad a night...not!! Thankfully tomorrow is hot lunch day so I only need to pack recess. I'll be sooo glad when Saturday evening rolls around then the tree should be decorated, the bazarre over with and I'll be looking forward to a relaxing week ahead with 'optional' baking. I seriously must have done to pledge sheet before medication!! ;)


Barbara said...

Good grief, woman, you've been busy enough to meet yourself coming and going!

Pumpkin said...

Again, WHERE is my bottled up energy that I requested from you???? It will be amazing if you are still standing by the weekend ;o)