Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treat

I'm back... The weekend was pretty busy, fun, but busy. Mom and dad were over for a visit Friday evening. Alex was pacing around the picture window from 8 o'clock until they arrived. He tried to convince mom that she should read the Magic Treehouse book to him until 10 o'clock but that didn't work ;)

Saturday we had a nice family brunch and then dad, Alex and I headed to gym and swim. He was soo excited to have his pappy come see his 'new' pool. As much as we loved the facilities at the Northside pool we weren't overly impressed with some of the instructors and found the number of different age groups in the pool distracting. His new pool is older but the fun distractions are gone so he can focus on lessons, the instructors (although there's a mumbler) are great, it's only kids his age in the pool and he can move around level wise if he completes it before the time frame is up. He found getting stuck for 8 weeks at the other pool annoying. After we returned we cleaned up and went to Boston Pizza with mom and dad, that restaurant is Alex's absolute favorite. Being stuffed and tired I napped for the remainder of the afternoon.

Sunday we enjoyed our extra hour of sleep. I got caught up on some Smallville and Desperate Housewives episodes and skipped class due to a cold and the birthday party Alex was invited to and while he was out I had my first trick or treater ever ;) (Matt usually gives out the treats). Faith Ann was by with her DS who was too cute. Then I proceeded to wrap Alex's Christmas gifts and got about half of them done before it was time to pick him up again. Sunday night was divided between cleaning up after a turkey dinner (yum), stitching and playing some computer with Matt, woot!

Monday I took an official sick day, it's not something I do normally but sneezing for 5 minutes straight had me convinced I'd either make people sick or be very distracting. I vegged most of the day. I tried to sleep but was woken up by Rogers, although we finally asked to be removed from the list (they've been calling for weeks but we always seem to be in the telemarket cue), then I had an e-mail that had me a little concerned. I was a good girl though and didn't move too far from the couch. Before I went to pick up Alex I did wrap a couple more of his gifts, anything left to wrap is small, a dvd and some xbox games. What a relief. Matt was having a good laugh at me Sunday, here I was wrapping gifts (and almost done) and he hasn't even thought of what to go shopping for, we're sooo different. I had a stitchy happy dance too...although dancing was more of rolling around on the recliner ;)

Yesterday was a flurry of activity, in the morning I prepped some dip for our potluck and loaded the car with everything we'd need for trick or treating (we trick or treat with Alex's friends directly from work). My little clown was VERY excited to be out (pictures will follow this evening hopefully). After doing the circuit with his friends we visited Faith Ann's (his gummy vampire/frankenstein head is now his most treasured posession ;)) and Alex wanted to move in and after being wound up all day wasn't the most cooperative kid. Sigh. We dropped by the house to pick up Matt and found out we had three trick or treaters (a new record!!) and then headed to his cousin's house. Down on our cul-de-sac I saw a deer, Matt then insisted it was a dog, but as we got closer he concluded it was in fact a small doe. Alex compromised and said it was a dog dressed up as a deer for halloween ;) We finally got to meet Taylor, Matt's cousin's daughter and then returned home to head around our block. I know I complain about the ding bats on one side of us but the rest of our neighbors are very nice people. We even went to our house's 'twin' on the street (it's not often you see a raised ranch on the street, let alone two of them). Although the interior layout isn't like ours at all, I definitely like our living room better ;). I washed my poor little clown when he got home, his happy makeup was looking kind of sad by 8:30, he had a treat and then passed out. I checked the rest of his candy, reclined on the couch until the end of 30 Rock and then rolled into bed too, a 15 hour day is hard on a girl!!

I was going to do groceries tonight but the boys will be in town when I'm gone so I think I'm going to stop being a martyr and ask them to do them for once while I'm away this weekend. The point of a retreat is a break, not to stress myself out about being away before the fact. Now I'll get to prep for retreat instead ;)


Faith Ann said...

Yesterday *definitely* sounds like a very busy day!

LOL... yeah... the mumbler is an instructor in DS's class too.

WOO HOO! Good for you for leaving the groceries for the boys to complete... there's no reason why they couldn't take care of that task! Now you can just do the fun stuff!!

Pumpkin said...

WOO HOO! Retreat is only 2 days away!!!!!!!!