Tuesday, November 21, 2006

'Tis The Season

Woo hoo, there's no better way to start a weekend than with a report card that shows obvious improvement!! Alex's report card was sooo much better than last year, and much more positive. I also got back to Body Pump, which was good, I've been feeling a bit blah due to the missed gym sessions either due to our hectic schedule or colds/headaches. My goal is to make it to two body pump classes a week and then get back up to three in January.

Saturday was the usual run around day, Gym and Swim went relatively well and then Alex and I headed for groceries. For supper Matt decided to have a special dinner out at Pizza Hut and Alex got to order his cheesy bites pizza (essentially cheese filled garlic bread mini buns make up the outer crust). After we returned to the house I grabbed my iPod and keys and headed to Green Village for their annual tax free sale. The trees were gorgeous but I didn't end up getting too much as I already had alot of the ornaments. I picked up some snowment and that was about it. They didn't have indoor mini LED lights which I was a bit disappointed about. After that I headed to Walmart to look for the LED lights (again no luck), resisted the urge to heckle the suckers waiting in line for the Wii and find some replacement bulbs for the village. I was tickled pink when I found a 5 light strand for the village!! That definitely reduced the number of wires!! I couldn't remember exactly how many houses I had so I withheld on a second strand but of course I got home and found that I had exactly 5 more houses to do!! Oh...I also got all of the outdoor decorations put up during the mild weather...

Sunday we slept in so I stitched on Alex's teacher's present until the Body Jam/Body Pump combo at 12:30. After that I tried a couple more stores looking for the lights with no luck. Oh well! It was so mild that Alex and I were able to go for a bike ride around the block when I got home and then we made 'Worms in dirt' for dessert (chocolate pudding, oreo crumbs and gummy worms).

Monday was a bit hectic, it just seemed hard to get going in the morning. I tried out a new recipe from Eat, Shrink and Be Merry and Jellystone Pork was a huge hit. After Alex went to bed I settled in with my stitching and watched Doctor Who. By the end of the episode I had a little happy dance which was actually quite monumental, I'd finished Alex's teacher's Christmas gift (Tis The Season from the latest Lizzie Kate Tiny Tidings), it also marked the end of 'gift' stitching!! Seeing as Justice was a repeat at 9 I celebrated by making some healthy caramel apple muffins and tidying up the kitchen ;) Then I settled back in and watched Heroes and dedicated my full attention to it, and it rocked!! I meant to go downstairs after and get the pom poms for Tis The Season but the evil Sylar had me too scared to go down in the basement alone...who wants to have their head cut open and brain removed anyway?? ;)

Matt had a little surprise for me as well yesterday, a CARD!! Not only was it monumental because it was a card but he'd also doctored up an anniversary card to mark 1/2 a year, wow!! :)
Tonight I'll be stitching with the girls for a bit, I can't wait to see the improvements on Angela's house!! I need to track down my JCS though first so I can get back to my Hope needleroll :)


Shannon L. said...

He gave you a card ? Voluntarily ? You didn't have to prod him ? Wow. I am so impressed ! lol

Did you like the muffin recipe ? I must try that pork one. Ok, I'm hungry now.... lol

Faith Ann said...

Yay Alex!! That's fantastic news!! I think his teacher must make a big difference this year.

Oooh.. that pizza sounds good... I don't need any temptation right now!

Have you checked at Superstore or Canadian Tire for the lights? I bought mine at Cdn Tire a couple of years ago.

Pumpkin said...

WTG Alex! I always knew he was a smart boy ;o)