Friday, March 16, 2007

Moving Along

TGIF. I always find the first week back to work after a long break well, long. Thankfully there's a St Paddy's day potluck at lunch to break things up a bit. I decided to try out this. Hopefully it A) turns out and B) Managed NOT to get hair on it. I had it tied pinned and everything last night but I always worry that it's going to fall in or something.

Yesterday I got even closer to putting Summer's Magic in the 'Please Lace Me' pile. Maybe once that's done I'll be motivated enough to do the rest as well. I'm trying to decide if my next project will be Bent Creek's Wedding row or to finish up SB's Baby Bug Ball, decisions, decisions.
I was relieved last night to find our storm drain running. I kept telling someone that it wasn't collapsed but that with the lack of snow last year the frost had gotten down that far but did anyone want to believe me??? Not that I'm totally comfortable with the upcoming storm tonight but it is a relief knowing the water can be drained away from the house. One of these days, after the bedroom window is replaced I'm going to have to bite the bullet and put eavestrough on the back. The weeping tile isn't supposed to be doing that job as well!

Nothing much on the agenda for this weekend besides Alex's swimming lessons and a trip out for groceries. Just the way I like it! Have a great weekend!


Pumpkin said...

It looks yummy Katie! Too bad I couldn't just whip down and try it ;o)

Faith Ann said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend... stay in out of the storm!

I vote for Baby Bug Ball, you're so close to the end!

Oh wait, I would like to see the wedding piece stitched, so maybe I'll change my vote...

Angela said...

Mmmm .. yummy. How were they? Peter's mom makes something similar called pluckits but they take all day to make ... I should really make a batch soon. Peter loves them :)