Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Out Damn Spot! Out I Say!

Omigosh, there is nothing worse than getting 'something' on your project!! My spoon broke free from my lunch bag and managed to get a spec of sesame oil from my won ton soup onto my Summer Dragons just before I finished it. So I took it home finished it and put it under boiling water with a little soap to get the grease to release. Been there done that so many times I knew the drill. Then it dried. I must have grabbed the moisturizing soap instead of the clear ivory and the small blotch that was on the visible part looked worse and the big blotch on the edge will was only the size of the dollop of soap oye! 3 washes later I can only see it or think I see it when I look really really hard ;) It may change how I frame it if I notice it once it's laced but we'll see. Thanks for all the comments!!

We've had a pretty quiet week. Alex is pretty depressed, they've gone all lab ratty on the kids again and he's only allowed to play with kids in his own grade and is having problems finding people to play with. Poor little guy.

Last night I started Wedding Row by Bent Creek. Ideally I'd like to have it ready for our anniversary but again, we'll see!


Christine said...

LOL, I think the phrase "lab ratty" is hilarious!! It's not funny that Alex doesn't have anyone to play with and what's the point of allowing kids to play only with kids in their grade? It's not like I work only with people who are my age!

Barbara said...

Oh, boy, schools do get hung up on stupid things, don't they? Sorry for poor Alex. That's the pits.

Your sesame oil spot doesn't show up at all - amazing!

Pumpkin said...

It's probably there because you know where it is now. I bet we won't even notice :o)

Poor Alex! Tell him I'd play with him if I didn't have to go into work ;o)

Faith Ann said...

Another lovely new school rule, huh?

I can't wait to see Wedding Row take shape!