Friday, March 02, 2007

Almost There

Woot! Just a couple more hours and I'm off for a week of pizza, movies, Star Wars Lego Wars, swimming and other fun stuff with Alex!

Last night we headed out to the Coop for one of their big specials week. They had Dockers on sale so even Matt was in tow. Help nice, but it also jacked up the grocery bill. I never buy oreo cookies, yuck! I picked up a new Columbia rain coat for me (first in over 10 years, essential for the block and a quarter walk from the parking lot to work!) for 29, Alex got a new hoodie for 6.99 and Matt finally got some new pants and some dress shirts, but paid while we were grocery shopping so I didn't see his total. We came home pretty tired though and just had a bowl of ice cream and vegged. Alex was super excited that I'd allowed him to pick out some 'fruit gummy thingies' for next week that normally are not allowed in the house. Seriously, between
Halloween, Easter, Valentine's and Christmas there's enough of that stuff around ;)

I was really excited yesterday to see that the theatre is bringing back some of the movies we missed during the holiday season (Eragon especially) for the toonie matinees. Guess that'll suck up two afternoons next week (Happily N'ever After is on the list). Alex also wants to learn to stitch. I picked up some aida (in disguise so no one would see me ;)) for him to fiddle with. He's convinced he's going to stitch a dragon! I also found a Carebear movie in the bargain bin at the grocery store so we have that too. I'm probably going to bring up his art table for the week so we can just lay our projects out, like the nifty ones Santa brought, and work on them as we please. I had been hoping to go up to the Miramichi but the reno/work/weather doesn't look like it'll cooperate for more than a day trip so this will actually be one of the longest stretches that it's just been Alex and I at home in awhile. Alex has been saving his Toys R Us giftcard for this week to have something new and exciting to play with, we'll probably stop by there Monday on our way to the movies :)

As for stitching next week, I'm hoping to plug away at it during any down time :) I'd ideally like to finish sorting out some materials in the craft room so we can start the renovations on it. I'd like to get the wall painted before someone thinks about redoing it again. The wall in that room was a cheat installation by the previous owner, no biggie unless you want to put power on that wall which I've talked myself out of. I was steaming when I heard mentions of the FIL taking a look at it, he's known to start something and take forever to finish, but thankfully the forgetfulness factor kicked in and they left without looking at it ;)

Here's hoping the weather stays decent despite the forecast. I really need my haircut tomorrow or I'm going to start looking like cousin it!


Faith Ann said...

Sounds like a fantastic week... hope you and Alex have a great time!!

Enjoy some movie theatre popcorn for me :)

Lori-Ann said...

Hey... we have the same taste in movies! Glad you reminded me that there are matinees this week. I have my girl enrolled in a Red Cross babysitting course. We plan to go swimming... cheap and fun.

Pumpkin said...

Well, you've started your vacation by now and I hope you're enjoying it! I think I might take in a movie this week too :o) You can't go wrong with a toonie!